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Meet Oregon’s NORD, a Talented Musician Who is Inspiring Artists Globally

Inspiration is hard to come by nowadays for aspiring creatives, with trends on social media and in various different categories of work determining which content in which users are willing to spend their time consuming. Carter Davis (NORD), a young talent who originally grew up in Portland, Oregon is quickly climbing to a position of great influence in aspiring creative youths around the world. With unique notes of Hip-Hop and R&B in the lyrics he writes, as well as in the instrumentals that his smooth vocals ride over in his original singles, NORD has been honing his expertise in the composition of music for quite some time. In fact, some of Carter’s earliest memories involve music and its melodies, according to an interview he recently conducted by NY Weekly.

Getting recognized for your talent is often an under looked feat for many aspiring personalities on social media in the nature of such a competitive industry. Oregon rapper NORD has quickly made a notable name for himself and his discography of original music, however, gaining over seven-hundred-thousand followers on his official Instagram profile and over fifteen-million unique listens across major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. With the young musician being only 18-years-old, the youth are able to use Carter’s success story to find their own purpose and mission to pursue in their own unique creative endeavors.

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