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Learning how to play the guitar can be intimidating. Here are some tips on how to master the instrument quickly.

5 Tips for Learning How to Play Guitar

Survey results show that 85% of people regretted not learning how to play an instrument. Do you have an interest in learning how to play an instrument? What are you nervous about in this process? What things should you know before getting started? While it is common for people to pick up instruments in their youth, there is no age limit on learning new skills. Keep reading for a few tips on learning how to play guitar.

Practice Patience

When you are building a new skill, patience is key. Learning any musical instrument requires patience in order to stick with it while you are first getting used to playing it. One strategy to do this is to learn in short increments and take several breaks. Sitting down trying to play for 3 or 4 hours can be frustrating if it isn’t going well. Shorter, 30-minute sessions could be more conducive to learning. 

Avoid Comparison

Comparison to the greatest guitar players will not be helpful to your confidence when you are just getting started. It is acceptable to look up to certain styles of playing or historical icons in the guitar space but comparing yourself to them is unfair. They have years of practice that have allowed them to become one with their instrument and playing it is now an extension of them. 

You are teaching yourself muscle memory, chords, and many other aspects that come secondary to them when performing. Keep in mind that everyone learns at their own pace and you may pick it up faster or slower than others. 

Find the Guitar for You

Similar to the concept of finding the right pair of shoes that fits the function you will be using them for, finding the right guitar is a key step in the process of learning. A big part of this is the investment. Spending money on purchasing a guitar means that you are making a financial investment in educating yourself on how to play. 

This can help be a motivator if you consider quitting at any point and remember the financial commitment you made when purchasing the guitar. There are many great options for acoustic electric guitars that you can purchase to start your journey to becoming a guitar player! 

Being comfortable and excited about your choice will help you be more involved in learning than if you had a guitar that didn’t fit you or that you didn’t enjoy playing.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Playing the guitar is a SKILL and takes repeated action to learn. You may spend a few hours learning new chords but if you don’t practice those chords, then it will be difficult to play them. One way to get the proper amount of practice is to make it a part of your routine. 

Setting aside 30 minutes a day to practice could be the difference in your development of the skill and may even increase the chance of you sticking with it long term. Doing so will make it a part of your routine and it can feel like less of a chore to learn as a result!

Try Different Instructors

There is an abundance of options for learning how to play the guitar, from Youtube to an in-person teacher. Picking the one that matches your learning style will likely be the best choice. You can try out a variety of instructors with all of the online music learning options there are now. 

You may find that you like a course with pre-recorded videos that you can watch at any time. If you are wanting more accountability in the learning process, you could sign up for a course that does weekly zoom calls so that you know what you need to practice in between sessions and can ask the instructor for questions to get immediate feedback.

Don’t Rush

The key to the entire process of learning the guitar is not to rush anything. You may learn how to play your first song in 10 days or it could take 10 months. Taking it slow can help you not get overwhelmed by what you don’t know or frustrated about not being able to play certain chord progressions. 

Daily steps forward in the process will increase your chances of developing the skill of playing guitar that you have always wanted to learn!

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