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Where to Learn to Play Guitar Online?

While it is true that learning to play the guitar takes practice, learning this skill is also guided by lessons and instructional content. You may be unable to take music lessons in person or want to spend some time at home outside of lessons while you practice.

Whichever position you find yourself in, there are many options for guitar resources and lessons online. But where can you learn to play guitar online?

In this article, we will go over some of the top ways you can find resources for online learning for the guitar. We’ll discuss some free and paid materials and which options are best for beginners.

learn to play guitar

Where to Learn to Play Guitar Online?

Even before the pandemic, the remote learning scene for guitars was well-established. Many people turned to at-home guitar lessons while lockdowns were in place worldwide.

Some services online for guitar lessons are more popular than others. Namely, we’ve found that Guitar Tricks and YouTube are both popular among at-home learners, and these platforms are both well-loved for very different reasons.

There are a few significant differences between these two platforms for learning. The first is that Guitar Tricks is a paid service founded in 1998 that specializes in online guitar lessons, while YouTube is a free service that serves as a video-sharing platform.

Other commonly used guitar learning services include Jamplay, Yousician, and JustinGuitar.

Let’s discuss these platforms in more detail!

Where Can I Learn to Play Guitar Online for Free?

We mentioned YouTube as a free service for guitar lessons, and while it offers more than just guitar videos, it can be a good resource if you find the right content creator to teach you. The risk we find with YouTube is that finding the proper lessons for your skill level can be challenging, as there needs to be guidance or structure to follow like you would in a class.

Also on our list of guitar learning services is JustinGuitar, which is also free to use. JustinGuitar is a top-rated guitar lesson service created by Justin Sandercoe. There are over 1,300 free lessons offered through JustinGuitar.

Where Can I Learn to Play Guitar Online as a Paid Service?

Our first recommendation is Guitar Tricks for guitar lesson services. We love the platform for its in-depth song library with multiple genres/styles to choose from. They also allow you to move through the ranks of learning guitar. Guitar Tricks features both beginner lessons and experienced lessons in different types.

Our secondary recommendations for paid services are Jamplay and Yousician. Jamplay highlights celebrity teachers and masterclasses. We think that Jamplay’s best feature is its single-use courses which are more in-depth on one song taught by celebrity guitar players.

Yousician, on the other hand, is more of an interactive experience. There is an element of gameplay to this guitar lesson service similar to RockBand or Guitar Hero. If either of those games is why you would like to learn guitar, you might enjoy learning from something like Yousician.

learn to play guitar

What Are the Best Places for Beginners?

Of the platforms we’ve listed, we have a few different recommendations for beginner guitar. While all of the services we mention are well-reviewed and highly recommended by guitar learners online, some stand out to us.

As a veteran in the online guitar learning industry, we favor Guitar Tricks for beginners. Its wealth of video lessons and multiple style choices, also available in the free trial offer (link), allow beginners to customize their guitar learning experience based on their interests.

JustinGuitar is an excellent option for beginners from our short list of free options. There are plenty of lessons for you to choose from and its capabilities are all that you need as a beginner. All in all, JustinGuitar is another good place to start.


Whether you are a beginner or an established guitar player, there is no shortage of quality lessons available online. While there are many options for learning how to play guitar online, some significantly rise to the occasion. We hope that we have helped you find a place to start learning the guitar from home, and we wish you the best of luck in your at-home lessons!

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