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If you're a flutist, why isn't an Irish flute already in your collection? Play the Celtic flute like they do in the movies with these selections.

6 Beautiful Examples of the Celtic Flute Used in Movie Themes

A flute is a simple woodwind instrument that you play by holding it with both fingers while blowing across the hole to produce sound. It is a reedless wind instrument that, when blown across the opening, creates sound. To alter the pitch of the sound, you need to use your fingers to open and close the keys. The flute is the oldest sound instrument in the world. 

However, the flute used by ancient people is similar to the recorder and not the standard traverse flute available today. The flutes available today are the Boehm model’s courtesy, which has made it possible for its existence. The simple types of flutes are usually made from wood. The most popular tonewoods used are; 

  • African Blackwood
  • Rosewood 
  • Cocuswood
  • Mopane 
  • Boxwood. 

Some of the modern Irish flutes are made from wood-like plastic composites, such as Delrin or Polymer. Several types of Celtic Flute share the same fingering note, although they differ in terms of breath support, the amount of breath, and embouchure formation between them. Below are the types of flutes that can produce sound to be used in movie themes:

1. Irish Rosewood Flute

Rosewood flute is also known as Cygnet. It is currently the most popular flute in the flute family, designed for traditional Irish music. The Rosewood flute has a hole that is slightly smaller than those of a standard Irish flute. It is made in a way that you can fill it with air more quickly. The Rosewood flute produces a delightful tone. It creates a mellower and softer sound than other wooden flutes. 

2. Cocuswood Irish Flute

Same as the Rosewood flute, Cocus wood flutes are also made in a way that is easy to play, making them suitable for a beginner. It produces more volume than the Rosewood flute. Cocuswood also provides an excellent finishing to the flute, thus making it very appealing to the eye. 

3. African Blackwood Irish Flute

African Blackwood Irish flute produces a rich woody sound with a significant volume. It creates a firm tone and allows you to be heard above other instruments. The African Blackwood that makes the flute is moisture resistant, making it perfect for the longevity of the flute.

4. Satinwood Irish Flute

It is one of the most popular flutes in the market. It is made from satinwood that has a glossy and yellowish-brown color. Satinwood flute is small in size, making it easier for you to hold and play without difficulties

5. Shemwood Traditional Flute

It is a type of flute that is made from Sheesham wood that gives it a natural finish. It is presented in a hard-wooden box, making it unique among other flutes. 

6. Delrin Irish Flute

Delrin is made from a wood-like plastic composite, Derlin, a durable, strong, and lightweight polymer. Delrin is a flute with a low maintenance cost, unlike the wooden flutes, which have wear and tear, friction, noise production, moisture pick-up, and cracks.

There are many other types of flutes in the market that are appealing and produce the best sound. Before choosing your best Celtic Flute, it is good to ensure that you listen to different flutists or do proper research on the type of flutes you want.

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