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Looking for your big break? Eargazm Music Group Owner Jason Gilbert talks about how this record label gives a platform for new, independent artists.

Got a song you want the world to hear? This record Label can hit the right chords.

The music industry has witnessed a revolutionary shift since digital downloads and music streaming platforms were introduced. This has affected the relationship between the artists and record labels. Some major thriving names have also proved that musicians now don’t need record labels to become a hit.

Today artists with good music, gigging, and social media grit can announce themselves to the world with a bang. Though getting signed means you have already done all the significant legwork, there is a lot that these record labels offer to the musicians.

Record labels are still leaders of the key elements of the industry as there are many things that independent artists cannot do on their own. These record labels are engaged in a wide variety of functions for the musicians, such as marketing, promotion, initial funding, financial, and specialist support. Even if you are a shining star in the music industry as an independent artist, you won’t have the financial clout that large record labels do.

They guide you to the best producers, sound engineers and studios in the business by investing in your music career. Record Labels sign a range of agreements with their artists, including licensing and distribution agreements. Although they don’t control the spread of the music, they can still be helpful for their artists in navigating more complex large-scale distribution for both physical retailers and digital services.

Talking about the independent record labels, they are the knights in shining armor for up-and-coming musicians. They often sit on the cutting edge of the music scene offering low-paying deals to the emerging artists, helping them to reach the heights of stardom. Among the best independent record labels, there is Eargazm Music Group.

It is an independent record label with major label distribution owned by Jason Gilbert, who is no unknown to the music scene. JG stepped into the music industry as a producer and promoter in the year 2000. He began his journey by promoting concerts with K-Ci and Jojo and E-40 all while he was still attending college.

From his school days, Jason was passionate about music. While talking to us, Jason shared, “Getting a new cassette tape was an amazing thing.”  “Getting goosebumps on your arm when listening to Marvin Gay’s ‘What’s Going On’ was a feeling I remember when I was young.  John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ is another song that made me fall in love with music,” he added.

Jason always wanted to give thrills to the fans, and it was delightful for him to see people vibing to his music. He wanted to do something for the upcoming artists and for the music industry as a whole. In 2020 he came up with his independent record label Eargazm Music Group LLC.

Inspired by seeing people grooving to melodious tunes, JG introduced Eargazm Music Group to the world. In the past two years or so, various emerging names have worked with them. One of these artists who have been the talk of the town for her upbeat tunes and stunning rap game is Thug Misses. The two have collaborated to give bangers to their fans.

Their new BOUJEE (YA YA) track has taken the audience on a wild ride. The iTunes #2 billboard charting artist has added her signature sparkle to the song with a combination of smooth sexy sounds and hardcore rap. Other than Thug Misses, Eargazm Music Group has worked with many other artists, including Dopewurdz, Trill Lee, Charly Boe, Rasheed Armour, and Sonny Daze.

Eargazm Music Group LLC is one creative solution to boost your music career. With an experienced team and their expertise in the industry, they have made it really easy for artists to bring out their talent and passion in front of everyone; if anyone wants to promote their music or need any expertise in the mixing or production of their music, they can collaborate with them.

In this modern era, musicians no longer have to wait for that one big break; through social media and other platforms, they can bring their creativity in front of the world. Eargazm Music Group LLC is an idea to empower emerging musicians by providing them with production, post-production, mixing and promotional services.

If you are an emerging artist and looking for that ‘mind-blowing’ opportunity, you can reach out to them for collaboration. Their team will be working with artists for music production, music video production, marketing, and promoting the song on numerous platforms, including Spotify, so that the world can enjoy your song.

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Photo provided by the author with written permission from Eargazm Music Group LLC

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