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When you hear Dr. Dre, then you think of the CEO of Aftermath Entertainment. But there's another! What's Dr. Dre's net worth?

Dr. Dre’s GoFundMe for medical costs: What’s his net worth?

When you hear Dr. Dre, then you think of the CEO of Aftermath Entertainment, creator of Beats by Dr. Dre, an American rap icon. We’re not talking about him or his net worth. But, there was another Dr. Dré as well. Andre Brown is not a name that most casual fans of hip-hop would be familiar with. To the people who know their history, then you’d recognize this Dr. Dré as a vital part of hip-hop cultural impact.

Brown was the former DJ for the Beastie Boys and co-founder of the 1980s rap group Original Concept. He’d then go on to become one of the hosts of Yo! MTV Raps with Ed Lover and Fab 5 Freddy. Yo! MTV Raps was a program instrumental to introducing a generation of hip hop fans to their favorite rappers and hip hop culture at large. Following this? Brown became a popular DJ, working in both NYC and LA.

In fact, you can hear him on SiriusXM on the show The Doctor’s Appointment on LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells Radio, which is a health and wellness show. Unfortunately, his health has taken a bit of a downturn recently. When he left his sister’s house on Memorial Day, he took a fall down the stairs and hurt his ankle. Not a big deal, right? You’ve probably done something similar.

Things got bad, however, when a doctor treating his ankle noticed an infection forming. Brown went straight to the hospital. As he tells the Rolling Stone, “The infection that was in my feet had started eating away at my bones. If I had waited another day, I’d have been septic, and I could’ve died.” Doctors had to amputate his right leg below the calf as a result. Brown was fitted with a prosthetic and underwent physical therapy.

This isn’t the first time that Brown would have to undergo an amputation. After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes back in 2007, he’s had several major health events including an amputated toe and blindness. This latest procedure, however, has left Brown’s family set up a GoFundMe in order to help raise money for his medical bills and recovery. 

Brown, however, is remaining optimistic, despite his recent major health issue. Talking with Rolling Stone, he said, “I’m very blessed and sometimes, a loss is a plus. I’m up and walking right now, so most people are astonished by that news. We knew I was sick because I was getting sicker by the week. But I’ll make it very simple: I’m a very spiritual man. I’m a very God-fearing man. And if this is the master plan, then he’s done what he wants to do. It’s out of my control. I was blessed in March; I reversed my diabetes”

It sounds like Brown has definitely been working to make things better for him. It’s amazing to hear how he’s handling things as well. Honestly? Dr. Dré has one of the best attitudes that you’ll ever hear about his health. Though, for fans of him, that wouldn’t come as a surprise. Brown was always known as a pretty jovial, fun guy to be around from his time on MTV to his DJ career. 

In the same interview, he said, “I’m a triple threat: I’m blind. I’m an amputee. And I’m a diabetic. So I guess I’m superbad. People keep asking me, “Are you depressed?” I say, “Depressed about what?” “Oh, look what’s going on with you.” I say, “Really? Well, if it was my time to go, I’ll be gone.” When it’s my time to go and the master planner says, “Come home with me,” there’s no walking away from that.”

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