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Medal of Freedom for Dolly Parton? The most hilarious memes

Dolly Parton is a glorious icon of a woman who takes precisely zero bunk from anyone. From her classic country songs (“Jolene” being queen amongst them) to her film roles (9 to 5 anyone?) to the glory that is Dollywood, we just have to worship at the altar of Dolly Parton. More importantly, Patron is just a glorious human being in general that we just have to stan.

Over the course of her life, starting in the mid-1980s, Parton has ruled as a humanitarian and philanthropist. From literacy to helping the HIV/AIDs crisis, Parton has done what she felt was right rather than letting her fans or her image dictate what charities to donate to. In fact, her donation to help research a vaccine for COVID-19 led to the research that produced Moderna’s vaccine.

Dolly Parton just casually saving all our lives, NBD. In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, former President Barack Obama admits that he felt a big mistake in his presidency was never giving Parton the President Medal of Freedom, which is the highest honor a civilian can receive. Maybe President-Elect Biden can handle that for him?

In order to salute Dolly Parton, here are some of the best memes out there about her.

1. “Jolene” but make it meme

Dolly Parton is such a Queen that she has to share some A+ memes about some of her best songs. “Jolene” just lended itself so well to that particular one as well. We stan someone who can make fun.

2. Give her the medal! 

2021 will be infinitely better than 2020 if we get Dolly Parton that Presidential Medal of Freedom. Do it for the morale. Do it for the country. Do it because Dolly Parton is universally beloved.

3. We all wish

She can probably be the godmother of our hearts? Dolly Parton is famously the godmother of Miley Cyrus though. But, yeah, I think getting her permission is something that you need to do first. If only so she can spoil her new godchild.

4. Give her one of the first batch

Considering Parton helped fund research for the vaccine? You can’t be mad at it. She was doing more than most people when the virus started. Ellen was in her living room making uncomfortable prison jokes. Dolly was doing something.

5. Take our money, Dolly Parton

Dolly has built a business empire, has genuine empathy, and is just a fun person to be around. Trust her with your tax dollars! Let’s see where she goes with this! Let’s see what happens with this crazy scheme. 

6. There’s no issue here

To be fair, Dolly Parton is a real life angel. So it’s only fitting that she should grace the top of every Christmas tree. Also her Christmas album Holly Dolly Christmas is doing pretty well on the charts. 

7. Where’s the petition?

Now that’s some Southern iconography that we can all get behind! Just plaster Dolly’s face all over the place. Let her shine like the star she is.

8. Moderna vaccine = Dolly Parton vaccine

Also get the vaccine that Dolly Parton helped to create because, you know, there’s a global pandemic and we need to fight against it. But, yeah, whatever reason you get it is fine so long as you get the vaccine! 

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