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“Twerkulator”: Watch City Girls members strut their stuff in this video

It’s been two years since City Girls teamed up with Cardi B for their super hit “Twerk”, and the girls are back at it again to bring fans a new single & video. Furthermore, the hot duo is drawing from their success and sticking to what they know with their new drop called “Twerkulator”.

The new single from City Girls is already going viral since the video dropped on Wednesday, and Twitter (as always) has plenty to say about the new hit. The big buzz from the new song to make you shake your stuff comes from the wild video and its iconic director. The brains behind the viral vid is none other than legend Missy Elliott. However, the tune lighting up headlines comes from two lovely ladies from Miami.

City Girls

City Girls have been on the scene doing their thing since the late 2010s. Members of the group hail from Miami and consist of fittingly named Yung Miami AKA Caresha Romeka Brownlee & JT AKA Jatavia Shakara Johnson. 

The two twenty-something City Girls members started making music in Miami around 2017 but were launched into the mainstream when it was revealed they provided uncredited vocals to Drake’s 2018 super hit “In My Feelings”.

By 2019, City Girls had received the notoriety they worked for making booming hits and promoting them around clubs in Miami. After Yung Miami appeared in the “In My Feelings” video, the City Girls were on their way up the charts and in focus to hip hop fans everywhere.

In 2019, members of City Girls broke out to the mainstream when their biggest hit to date “Twerk” dropped on audiences in 2019. The duo teamed up with Cardi B for the track, and the video which resulted was something totally wild, as the City Girls brought some of the world’s best twerkers to Miami to shake their stuff on a rockin’ yacht. Now, the two are back for what feels like an unofficial sequel.


The new City Girls video dropped on Wednesday, and Twitter is lighting up with reactions – and rightfully so. The themed video features the bright colors and wild surrealism of 90s hip hop videos, bringing to mind banger visuals from tracks like Busta Rhyme’s “Gimme Some More”.

“Twerkulator” has it all – living severed heads, break-neck choreography, intricate sets & miniatures, and of course, tons of booty shaking. If you ask us, the highlights fall somewhere between the roller girl headstand and the massive clock bearing the City Girls members as arms on the face.

The 90s flavor of the new vid shouldn’t come as a surprise when we consider who put together the viral video. Missy Elliott directed the new video, and the queen of 90s & early 2000s hip hop hits makes her mark known in “Twerkulator”.

Twerk City

When “Twerkulator” starts, we can hear Missy warning citizens of “Twerk City” to take cover because the “Twerkulators” have invaded. We see the City Girls knock down buildings (some of them by twerking), and the throwback beat brings us right back to the headspace we get when jamming “Work It”.

Hypebeast reported today that the “Twerkulator” audio leaked back in 2020, and resulted in a wave of TikTok fame, which seems the avenue hit songs need to travel to pick up numbers these days. 

Fans have been waiting months for the video, and if you ask us, Sean Bankhead’s sharp choreography, along with Missy Elliott’s keen eye have produced a fine vid worth waiting for. We can only imagine what the City Girls will come up with next. Check out the new video on the City Girls official YouTube channel.

What’s your favorite part of “Twerkulator”? Wobble down to the comments below and let us know! 

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