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Cheedoe has New Music “TRENDING” for his followers

What’s in store, for ‘24?

Cheedoe, Milwaukee artist and label owner, is releasing new music this coming year. Having a tremendous run via all major music platforms, social media and press. The coming year will superceed the previous one tremendously. Cheedoe, an active independent artist, as well as a marketing manager, is handling business that is not always easy in the line of work he’s in. This gives him an opportunity to be more “in control,” of his career as mentioned by Cheedoe when asked.

What is the purpose of your music?

Cheedoe states, that his music is unlike any others being marketed today. He is consistently, making songs that get positive and verbal praise amongst, his fans, and peers alike. He credits his passion for music as his ultimate way of “self expression,” which is evident with in his delivery on the tracks and his live performances. Cheedoe has stated to sources that he wants to change the odds against, youth and be the example that he never had!

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Goals as an Artist:

  • Increase the passion for music in others.
  • Inspire and Teach others to be productive as an artist.
  • Generate a new fanbase built around his talents.
  • Give back to his community!

Latest Single:

I’m Blessed On Vevo Now:

“I’m Blessed,” Out Now! On VeVo and all major platforms.

What’s Next For Cheedoe?

In the coming year, Cheedoe is set to launch a major marketing campaign with a company that has taken interest in his music. Cheedoe hasn’t released any details on the deal, but has confirmed new management, features, and radio campaigns with-in the agreement. Cheedoe told sources that he has a new “EP” coming soon and will contain some artists that are popular in the United States.

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