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Learn more about the different styles of capo you can add to an acoustic guitar for everything from holding a pick to just creating amazing sounds!

What Are the Types of Capos for Acoustic Guitar?

A capo is a small tool that can clamp down on the neck of an acoustic guitar to shorten the length of the strings. This clamp limits how much of the guitar strings you can use and gives a higher pitch to the guitar. You may also think of the capo as an adjustable nut. But unlike the nut, you can move it around the entire fretboard. 

The capo makes it easier to play certain songs like James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”. There are many types of capos for acoustic guitar, so it can get a bit confusing to select just one. This article is going to talk about the types of capos and their pros and cons, helping you to choose your most satisfying capo.

capo acoustic guitar

Types of Capos for Acoustic Guitar

Selecting capo type mostly comes down to personal preference because they all serve the same fundamental purpose. There are mainly seven types of capos for acoustic guitar:

  • Elastic capo: Elastic capos are modified elastic bands that hold the strings down, which can be separated into single-strap or double-strap, depending on their build. 

capo acoustic guitar

  • Pistol capo: Pistol capo has a distinct trigger shape. It is also the most common capo shape out there. The trigger-shaped clippers have a spring-loaded mechanism behind them for leverage. But it can also have the same spring system as spring clamps.

capo acoustic guitar

  • Streamline style capo: Streamline style capo also uses a spring-loaded mechanism, but the springs are well hidden within the body. The clamp looks very cutting edge and is the most popular type on the market. 

capo acoustic guitar

  • Screw capo: Screw capo is one of the oldest types of capos which is considered classic. These capos need screws to clamp down the strings. As you can imagine, these are fairly hard to adjust and install. 

capo acoustic guitar

  • Glide wheel capo: Glide wheel capo are clamp system capos with a wheel system. These wheels help glide the capo across the length of the fretboard.

capo acoustic guitar

  • Multi-function capo: The multi-function capo has added an electric tuner and a pick holder for the users to tune conveniently. It might seem a little bulky but really useful.

capo acoustic guitar

  • Special capo: There are also special types of capos for custom themes. These can come in many different shapes and sizes, like skulls, sharks, etc. Mostly the guitarists from theme bands use them to match with their props.

capo acoustic guitar

You can find some very decent elastic capos from Dunlop, Kyser, and Alice. Alice has a great collection of amazing streamlined spring capo. Dunlop, Kyser, and Alice all have multiple models of pistol capo. Alice also has quite a few special capo designs.

capo acoustic guitar

Why Should You Buy Guitar Capo from Alice? 

Clearly, there is no lack of guitar capo companies. So, why go with Alice? – You might wonder. Well, here are some advantages that you can enjoy when you pick an Alice capo. 

  • Advanced Manufacturing Process

As a company dedicated to researching and producing the highest quality guitar products, Alice’s manufacturing procedures include using the most advanced technologies and methods for producing premium quality capos. 

  • Cost-effective Products

Alice’s capos are not only durable but also very affordable. It owes to the fact that 90% of Alice’s production process is fully automated, allowing it to price the products even lower than its competitors without cutting corners on the quality. Alice also focuses on having large production volumes that reduce the price of its products even further. 

capo acoustic guitar

  • Powerful Supply Ability and Fast Delivery 

Alice focuses on large production volumes. So, if you are a seller looking for large batches, it can definitely deliver that. And with fully automated processes, it can do deliveries much faster than its competitors. 

  • Numerous Certifications and Patents

As a research-based company, Alice always strives to improve our products and processes. So far, it has over 50 innovation patents for techniques and technologies, providing the best user experience for its customers.

capo acoustic guitar


Alice has an extensive catalog of all types of capos for acoustic guitar. It has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and advanced production systems along with numerous certifications and awards. In addition, it also has a dedicated research facility to keep improving the products.

The optimized facility also makes Alice’s product very cost-effective, making it available for Alice to handle vast volumes of orders and deliver them on time. So, if you are looking for the best capo for acoustic guitars, then look no further and contact Alice now!

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