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Bollytune – The Daily Music Guessing Game That Bollywood Fans Are Loving!

2023 has seen an increase in daily internet games, and Bollytune is the newest addition to the mix for Bollywood music fans. If you’ve ever played the original Heardle game, you’ll love Bollytune. The game involves guessing a Bollywood song by hearing just the intro.

Bollytune takes this game one step further by breaking down the musical brain teaser by era. The game lets you guess songs from specific decades, including the 60s/70s, 80s/90s, and 00s.Bollytune is an innovative new game that allows users to guess the names of their favorite artists and songs within seconds. It is powered by a revolutionary Music Digital Distribution platform, which gives users access to the latest releases from popular artists around the world. With this game, users can challenge their friends and family to see who can name songs faster or compete against strangers in real-time. It’s a fun way to show off your music knowledge and discover new tunes – all while staying up-to-date with the latest releases.

Similar to Heardle, Bollytune players will get to play a snippet of a Bollywood song as they try to guess which one it is in as few attempts as possible. There are more games coming soon, including guessing songs by artist. 

To play Bollytune, simply pick the game you want to try from the main website page. Familiar players will find the format very similar to the original Heardle, with the play button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you press the play button, you have a choice of guessing or skipping a second to help jog your musical memory. Select the answer from the list provided by typing the first few letters of your guess.  

Pressing skip or giving a wrong answer will reveal more of the song, and once you have the right answer, you can share your score on social media. However, it’s recommended not to post the full answer to avoid spoilers for other players!

Play one of the games via the Bollytune website and challenge your Bollywood music knowledge. It’s a great way to spend your time and have fun while doing it! #bollywood #bollywoodfilm #bollywoodproject #bollywoodupdates

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