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Will ABBA's newest album 'Voyage' prove to be more popular the some of the previous songs by the group? Sing along with "Mamma Mia" and find out.

Will ABBA’s new song overtake “Mamma Mia” in popularity?

Lovers of ABBA’s music are seriously rejoicing with the announcement of the bands first new music in 40 years. ABBA’s new album Voyage is only a couple of months away from being released. With it, we get a whole new world of wonderful songs to enjoy. But will these new songs top some classics from the group? Like “Mamma Mia”? Could these songs beat “Mamma Mia” by ABBA? 

Well, actually, it looks like more people are excited by ABBA’s Voyage, then you would think. Or, well, maybe not. People really love ABBA. Like no one would say so a couple years ago, but, hey, Mamma Mia the musical and the movies make fools of us all, you know? Seriously, though, are we sure ABBA didn’t make new music in order to get Mamma Mia 3 made? 

For whatever the reason this new ABBA music has come into our lives. People are seriously here for it. With that, we’re going to dive into just how well these things are charting for the bad. New songs by ABBA are on the charts, a new album is in the works, but what does this mean for fans? Well, let’s dive and figure out all these exciting new things, shall we?


The UK is here for ABBA

Honestly, for us, when you think ABBA. You don’t really think of Sweden, where the band is from. No, no. You think of England and the UK because there’s something weirdly British about ABBA. Like people get legitimately surprised when they learn that they are from Sweden. Or, well, people we’ve talked about the history of ABBA anyway, you know? 

Apparently, the UK is just as mad about ABBA as ever. Voyage is due on Nov. 5th, according to Polydor, the UK has placed 80,000 orders over the past couple of days, since the band announced the album. This is not the only way ABBA is planning on overtaking the UK yet again. After all, there’s the virtual hologram tour that the group is doing as well.

That will kick off in May 2022 at the custom built ABBA Arena in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. The holograms will have a residency in the arena for fans to flock and see the Voyage show in action. Who knew holograms were truly going to be the future of music, huh? We definitely didn’t have that on the bingo card for this decade, but maybe we should have? 


What else can we expect from Voyage? 

Good question. Details are being kept pretty tight because, well, when a band returns for a 40 year hiatus, then they want to break back into the music scene in the biggest way possible. It’s honestly probably a rule. Not like this really happens all that often though, in our humble opinion. But, yeah, reunions are huge for all the music fans the world over.

Based on the general vibe and costuming? It looks like Voyage will be more interstellar and a little less vacation-y like “Mamma Mia”. Or, well, we just been indoctrinated that “Mamma Mia” has a beachy sort of vibe to it based on the movies and the musical. Though is it really summer without belting out those songs in the car with the wind blowing through your hair? 

Either way, it’s going to be exciting to see what new music ABBA will unleash onto the world. Also, they’re going for a retro-future look, which is always fun. Neon and black immediately make things look 100% more futuristic. 

What do you think about Voyage? Do you think the new music will overtake classic songs, like “Mamma Mia” by ABBA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below! 

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