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Everybody loves 80s culture. Here's a rundown of classic 80s music trivia, along with the answers to each question.

80’s Music Trivia Questions and Answers

What were the bands of the 80’s? Nearly every person reading this blog is familiar with the hits of the era such as: Meat Loaf, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and many more. But how many know the lesser known artists who helped define the sound of the day?

It’s certainly surprising to hear that Rancid had an influence on the music that would ultimately become known as punk rock. Much less known are the bands Sonic Youth and Le Tigre who helped lay the foundations for alternative rock while doing their own share of making money while doing it. So browse through our list of 80’s music trivia questions with answers.

What do you remember about the 80s? Did you grow up in the decade? Were you a part of the counter-culture movement that came before it? What say do you have about current acts and genres like pop, punk, and alternative music? Answer these questions and more while digging into the musical underground of the past! Who was responsible for creating the most iconic albums of the 80s? Who was influential in defying genre conventions? Find out today by visiting our site where you can find music quiz questions for all ages.

This decade has also seen the greatest shift in popular music and fashion. Rock music has become more sophisticated, emphasizing complex lyrics and instrumentation over raw power; at the same time mainstream pop has advanced beyond its punk origins, becoming gayer and more sexualized.

Technology has strongly contributed to this, with CD technology forcing musicians to compromise their artistic vision in order to make profits. But for all its technological innovation, the ’80s are remembered for more than just flying cars and cool sneakers.

80’s music trivia questions

I am going to tell you how you can become a ’80s enthusiast. Instead of reading an article about how to become a hipster or stone murder fan, why not learn something about the music that gave birth to all that?

Music has the ability to bring people together or tear them apart. It strongly influences our culture, and not always in a good way.

If you dig deeper than the surface level of popular songs and videos, you’ll find plenty of weird and wonderful sources of info that will forever inspire you as well as inform you about music’s hidden history. There is so much to do in the decade of the early eighties. There were so many bands, movies, music videos, fashion trends and lifestyles.

To say that it was a golden age is an understatement. Back in those days, it was normal to be interested in musical genres that are no longer popular such as outsider rock and alternative country.

The 80s have many landmarks and places that still stand out to those who grew up during that time period. It is said that music helped shape the world we live in to this day. Whether or not you agree with this statement, it is undeniable that music has an immense power to inspire people who may lack inspiration elsewhere.

How many times have you been sitting at your pc and started listening to a song only to realize half way through that it’s an 80’s song?

The same thing happens when we listen to meme music. When we finish listening to a song we look up the artist, song title and lyrics and go, Oh my god! It’s an 80’s song! This is obviously not an easy task when there are thousands of songs out there but at the same time its fun and tells you a lot about the culture of that time period.

Let us help you find the most entertaining trivia, and then you can test your knowledge with our fun quizzes. Have a blast with 80’s music trivia questions!

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