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8 Emerging Artists In the Spiritual Music Space

Sometimes music is something you blare out and sing along to, sometimes music is a time of peaceful rendezvous, a moment to get in touch with your spirituality and reconnect with your higher self. In this time of uncertainty in the world, the spiritual music genre is not only desirable, it is sorely needed. The last few years have seen the spiritual music space growing robustly, with many new voices entering the foray bringing their distinctive sounds. Here are the 8 emerging artists in the spiritual music space that you need to know!

1. Moneá

The spiritual R&B songstress marries themes of love and personal growth with great melodies and a keen outlook on the complexities of our ever-changing world. Her music offers a relaxing beat that provides respite from all the noise, while her smooth voice blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Moneá not only wants her songs to inspire musically, but also much deeper within, drawing heavy inspiration from her own spiritual experiences.



2. Sufjan Stevens

Best known for his ethereal soundtracks to Call Me By Your Name, Sufjan is a prolific musician that blends indie folk, indie rock, lo-fi folk, chamber pop, and electronica in his impressive discography. His soothing voice sings of themes like lost love, longing, hope, reverence for the higher power, and rumination of the spiritual found in ordinary life. His CMBYM songs are certified modern classics, but also check out his other works like Fourth of July, The Only Thing and this song below.


Sufjan Stevens – The Greatest Gift (Official Video)


3. Renae

Renae uses music to talk about self love, self compassion, and connecting with your higher self. Blending electronics, pop, and rock genres, Renae’s music is deeply influenced by astrology and addresses relatable modern problems stemming from societal pressures. She has songs based on every signs in the zodiac like Waves (Cancer) and Heart of a Lion (Leo), creating something personal for listeners no matter what they’re going through.


RENAE – Through My Eyes (Gemini) ♊


4. Stormzy

Since blazing through the scene many years ago, the British rapper has unapologetically embraced his spiritual roots in his music. His music stands at the intersection between the culture and Christianity, two roads that seem to be more at odds by the day. Yet, Stormzy strikes a fine balance between his gospel roots and contemporary hip-hop sound. He sings of his faith without straying into evangelical, addressing real-world issues with sensitivity and empathy. Songs like Holy Spirit and Blinded By Your Grace are modern day hymns for the tired souls.



5. Cynthia Angelica

A self-taught musician, Maryland-born spiritual pop artist Cynthia Angelica draws energetically, as opposed to textually, on her faith to create something deeply connective that is more interested in making space for healing than anything else. Her music has heavy influences from her Black church gospel roots, as well as sounds from the likes of Tori Amos, Sarah MacLachlan, Sade, and Kim Walker-Smith. Through her powerful debut album, Fears and Dreams, Cynthia explores the intersection of faith and fear during the dark, uncertain time in our world. Songs like Flatline and Grace transform fear into a positive and driving emotion, a perfect respite from the chaotic world.

Cynthia Angelica – Grace [Official Lyric Video]

6. Trevor Hall

Merging roots, folks and reggae, South Carolina singer Trevor Hall sings of spirituality and life exploration in many of his songs. Trevor draws heavily from his deep immersion in Hinduism. He has said that he treats his music like karma yoga, using his creative works as means to help other people. His latest album, the far-Eastern-flavored In And Through The Body, touches on “the timeless human themes of love, struggle, growth and redemption.”


TREVOR HALL – “Still Water” (Live from California Roots 2015) #JAMINTHEVAN

7. S. Carey

Though best known as the drummer of folk band Bon Iver, S. Carey has an established solo musical artistry of his own. His solo efforts incorporate ambient, chamber pop, and indie folk sounds with deeply emotional lyrics you can put on for a quiet night in.

Carey – Break Me Open (Official Video)


8. Mystic Grizzly

His Instagram bio reads, helping to build Heaven on Earth through sound. And indeed that’s what the 22-year-old DJ/electronic musician-producer has been doing through his EDM, psychedelic, glitch hop and tribal-influenced beats. Young in age but mature in sensibility, the Miami-born musician believes in the spiritual impact that music has on humans and life in general. That leads him on a path of experimentations that gives listeners one of a kind, mystical experience.


Mystic Grizzly – What We Think, We Become (With Visuals)




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