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Lace up your boots and start singing the Roy Kent chant. Celebrate 'Ted Lasso' with these sweetly hilarious quotes to get you ready for season 2.

Celebrate ‘Ted Lasso’ season 2 with the most memorable quotes

Is it bold to say Ted Lasso is the best thing to come out of 2020? No, last year absolutely sucked. The Apple TV+ show premiered last August and has slowly been gaining a following ever since. The sweet, motivational, and hilarious comedy felt like a warm hug amidst an uncertain & dark year. 

Starring Jason Sudeikis as an American football coach who travels across the pond to lead a professional British soccer team – with no knowledge about the sport. With hilarity ensuing in every episode, the show turned out to be one of the year’s underrated gems. Filming is already underway for season 2, so here are some of the best Ted Lasso quotes to hold you over until the new episodes come out. 

It’s just practice 

After hotshot Jamie Tartt decides to skip out on training, he blows off Ted by telling him it’s just practice. For the uninformed, the speech comes off as a well-written vital turning point in Ted Lasso’s character development as we’ve never seen him get upset before. For those in the know, this speech has been said before in one of the most iconic sports press conferences of all-time courtesy of Allen Iverson and brought into the Ted Lasso universe by Jason Sudeikis. Look it’s… *chef’s kiss*


Early on in episode 1, while touring the AFC Richmond facilities, club owner Rebecca Welton asks Ted if he believes in ghosts. His response is understated, hilarious, and exactly who Ted Lasso is: silly yet motivational. 

Ice cream

Everybody loves ice cream –  even grumpy Roy Kent. When faced with the news he might be pulled from the starting line-up, he lashes out at Ted for the rejection and takes his niece to get ice cream. When he tells Ted about it, well, you have to watch the clip to get it.

Caesar salad

Most people love a good pun, but it’s Ted’s reaction that takes the cake. When Ted tells Rebecca that he & her assistant Higgins are having lunch together, the salad puns start flying. It’s not until Higgins says, “Caesar you later,” that we get one of the most memorable entrances of the season.

Owner of the Sun

Like the ghost joke, this is a perfect example of Ted’s silly optimism breaking up the mundane workday. Of course, Rebecca is referring to the owner of a newspaper, but that doesn’t stop our favorite coach from trying to shake things up.

Unpack that 

Ted Lasso has plenty of hilarious one-liners but when the writers can find the humor in characterization, that’s when you know a show is good. Taking a riff from a common workplace joke and ending it with “If it’s a joke, I love it. If not, I can’t wait to unpack that with you,” is both funny and revealing about who Ted Lasso really is. 

America’s dog problem

Up & coming footballer Sam Obisanya asks Ted Lasso why America has so many homeless animals. Lasso’s response wittily sums up a complicated & serious issue with humor that makes everything seem simple.


When one of the workout rooms is “haunted,” Sam asks Rebecca to help with a team-building ritual. His explanation of why he believes in curses and how people assume it’s because of his race is witty yet sweet, very much like Sam.

Be a goldfish

If one quote can sum up a show, it’s this one. Ted first tells Sam to “be a goldfish” after the player beats himself up over a bad pass in practice. The coach says it again after a heartbreaking loss in the final episode. It may insinuate that everyone may be happier if they forget the things that upset them, but letting things go makes life easier. Wise words, Ted. 

What quotes did we miss? Tell us in the comments below and remember to be curious, not judgemental.

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