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Fans are growing impatient as we wait for Rihanna’s latest album. Here are all the memes representing a variety of moods we’ve gone through.

Is 2021 the year Rihanna finally drops a new album? The best fan memes

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is an icon. Rihanna has been known as a musician and now as an entrepreneur. The Navy has been a loyal fanbase since the star first rose to fame after the debut of her single “Pon De Replay” in 2005. Now, after eight studio albums, Rihanna has been focusing on her other business ventures including her successful makeup company, Fenty Beauty. 

Fans are growing impatient (so are we) as we wait for Rihanna’s latest album. Here are all the memes representing a variety of moods we’ve gone through since Anti was released in 2016. 

Who . . . me?

Rihanna knows we’re anxiously waiting on R9. All the stories “leaking” about her upcoming album must have the singer laughing away as she continues creating foundation shades. We stan women in business!

“Alexa, play Anti album again!”

This is our face as we wait for more music since Rihanna’s last album release in 2016. Anti is our only escape from the pain & letdown of 2020.

New Rihanna incoming

If you won’t provide us with new music then we’ll have to find someone else who can! That’s right, mini Rihanna is here to save us all and provide some songs for our playlists.

Work, work, work

Who needs an album when we have bronzer? Why can’t we have both, Rihanna? But, we can settle for some more Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna’s gardening?

This is a businesswoman who knows what her fanbase wants, unfortunately, gardening isn’t our first choice. We’d much rather let our garden overgrow and listen to R9! 

She’s not the only girl?

Ariana Grande & Taylor Swift are out here releasing new albums. We have to move on Rihanna. It’s not you . . . but it is.

Represent Avon

Rihanna is advertising Fenty Beauty like an Avon lady. We love the products, but you can’t tease R9 and not deliver!

Dur, dur, dur

We still have old Rihanna classics including this gem. Does anyone know the lyrics? No, but we’re vibing.

Relatable Rihanna

Ever been to one of those parties you wish you didn’t? Rihanna is reflecting all our moods, especially since social distancing has been enforced. 

Listening party

Has Sandra Bullock heard R9? Is it good? We need the details!

Are you impatiently waiting for Rihanna’s new album to arrive? Tell us your predictions about R9 in the comments below.

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