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A good dad joke is a real rare delicacy, emphasis on "rare." Here are a bunch of funny ones to cleanse your palette and tide you over for a while.

Here are some *actually* funny dad jokes to try on your kids

They make you groan. They make you roll your eyes. They even make you question your relationship with your father. Dad jokes can be painful for all involved. Five in twelve young professionals are personally affected by dad jokes, ruining birthdays, holidays, vacations and even causing queasiness, nausea, and bloating. But there is hope.

And there’s a solution. Talk to your doctor about the following dad jokes. Actually funny and clever, the following dad jokes are sure to relieve the ache of a horrible quip your father expected you to laugh at. Side effects include laughter of varying degrees – including a giggle, chortle, a vocal exhale or hiss – and actual amusement.


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♬ original sound – Jadin😎

Starting out easy…

Apparently, this joke has been done before but it’s good to start this list out with an oldie but a goodie. Just like your actual dad. BURN


Dad Joke: How do cats like their steak?

♬ original sound – kevonstage

Raw hilarity 

There’s just something about an unexpected animal noise that just sends us to Giggle Town. Kids will love it because of how clever it is, and adults should love it because of how absurd it is. 


More Prop Master Jokes. Compilation. #props #puns #dadjokes #fakeblood #propmaking #fakeice

♬ original sound – Scott Reeder

Prop these jokes up

If you’re on TikTok, love dad jokes, and are interested in film production, we recommend user @scottpropandroll. Not only is his name a solid pun, but he shows you how movie props get made. Did you know pool balls are really just painted racket balls? Scott will teach you that and more and seal it all with a dad joke. 

These jokes supreme, the children scream

There’s nothing we love more than a good dad joke, except maybe a dad realizing the way his parents raised him was toxic, and in order to break the cycle, he needs to address his issues to a paid professional because there’s no excuse for broken relationships or boundaries. Yay therapy jokes. 


Best marriage joke ever 😂 #dadholes #dadjokes #dad #fy #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – Chris Wylde

Dog years

Playing up the same theme here, dad jokes don’t always have to be wholesome but they do have to be clever. We love a good dark joke here at Film Daily and a dark dad joke is just icing on the cake.


Dad Jokes with daughter Pt12 🤣 @camdykins #dadjokes #jokes #badjokes #dadsoftiktok #comedy #funny #viral #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – WayneButlerComedy 🤣

Daddy’s lessons

We might be on shaky ground with this dad joke, but we here at Film Daily are trying to be a bit boulder with our writing. We don’t have our method down concrete though so please let us know if we need to jack (hammer) our game up. Okay. We will stop now. We hit a dead end. 

It’s gonna take a lot to stop telling dad jokes

Apparently, Twitter user MegOKeefe10 found this Toto dad joke in her desk calendar. What a tearable thing to find. 


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Social Media

For the film lover dad. For the Facebook dad. For the punny dad. This one’s for you. Goodbye.

Do you have a favorite dad joke that’s actually funny? Let us know in the comments below.

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