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“Now this is epic”: All the Ben Shapiro memes you need

Ben Shapiro is a conservative political commentator and the founder of The Daily Wire. For those who know Ben Shapiro, you understand that his brilliance is oftentimes compromised by the sound of his voice, which is very similar to Eugene from Grease or that geeky kid in The Polar Express

Ben Shapiro, who has had a rough go early in 2021 as we’re back to a Democratic president, has been the face of many memes for many years, given his political pageantry and need to be heard. 

Let’s take a look at some of the better Ben Shapiro memes on Twitter that are sure to give us a good laugh.  

It’s dead

Sorry, Bernie. You gave us great content for a week, but when Ben Shaprio taps into trending comedy, then it’s time to say goodbye. 

Lord Shapiro

When did they make a live-action version of Shrek

Ben in bed

Perhaps there are other books outside of politics that Ben Shapiro should be reading

Hot mic

Ben Shapiro is legendary for his debating skills, pinning opponents into a corner where they can’t talk themselves out. He can be very “ruff”. 

Sorry, Ben

Facts don’t care about your feelings. 

On Brand

What a perfect Deepfake! These Ben Shapiro memes are priceless. 

D@%& the left

Ben Shapiro really hates liberals. Did you know this? We think he’s like Derek Zoolander in terms of he can’t “turn left”. 

Thug life Ben

He’s been waiting four long years to avenge Trump!

Gun control

What, verbal beatdowns aren’t enough?


If these Ben Shapiro memes prove anything it’s that he loves the sound of his own voice. 

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