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Zirconia crowns have quickly become the most popular choice of dental work. Here's why more and more people are making it their main form of tooth care!

The Reasons Zirconia Crowns are Becoming a Popular Choice

Dental crowns are the leading dental procedures that help restore the function and appearance of teeth damaged by decay, injury, or wear and tear. Crowns come in handy with dental bridges and implants. They can also protect weak teeth from further damage. This dental procedure is simple. The dentist will examine the injured or affected tooth to create a model of the tooth required for the crown.

They will fix the crown on the tooth and secure it with dental cement. You need to know that traditional materials include metal, porcelain, and ceramic. While porcelain offers natural effects, ceramics are more durable. Metal is also a strong substance, but they are not so preferable as they lack aesthetics.

If you consider getting a dental crown, make sure to discuss your options with your dentist. They will be able to help you choose the best type of crown for your needs. You can learn about the latest and most convenient options from them. Think of zirconia crowns, for example. The strong and durable zirconia dental crowns look very natural. For Zirconia Dental see Burbank Dental Lab

zirconia crowns

They are an excellent choice for people who want to protect their teeth from further damage and restore their smiles. Because they rarely cause allergic reactions compared to other types of crowns, you can feel safe with them. For dental zirconia see Burbank Dental Lab once. Before that, let’s check some of its benefits in detail.

zirconia crowns


Zirconia crowns stand out for being biocompatible. Their smooth surface prevents the plaque buildup allowing an antimicrobial property to penetrate any spaces between your teeth and gums. Because layered zirconia crowns are strong, breakage or chipping is very rare.

If it occurs, the porcelain substructure will attach itself to the zirconium ceramic structure to prolong its lifespan. Zirconia’s healthy tissue response creates a safer environment for protecting a patient’s tooth pulp from bacteria and diminishes spontaneous root resorption, unlike other metals.

zirconia crowns


Due to the nature of its manufacturing process, a range of customizable features are possible to achieve. The composite that makes up this material allows one to create things like base plates (for teeth) in different sizes and shapes so that a patient can find their perfect fit. There tend to be meager chances for errors.

zirconia crowns

Ability to match natural teeth color

Because it has a translucent quality, it will reflect the color of neighboring teeth. And since it comes in many shades that match almost any patient’s natural tooth color, it will be easy to make a case for why this procedure can be more effective.

If you were waiting for a long-lasting solution that could rescue and protect your dental health, this solution could be the one. Like others, even this versatile choice can have some downsides, which are again not as threatening. Routine checkups and proper maintenance can take care of them. However, it would help if you talked to your dentist to understand whether or not this is appropriate for your needs. They will explain everything, so you don’t hesitate or feel anxious.

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