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Looking to form your own LLC? See how Zen Business can help you securely register your LLC business online.

What Is Zen Business? A Closer Look

As stated by the United States Census Bureau, business formation applications for August 2021 alone stood at 427,842. This data may potentially imply that there are many entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners in the market looking to formally and professionally establish their businesses. 

The process of business formation may possibly be defined as the act of incorporating or registering any specific business as a limited company in the eyes of the law. When a business is formally incorporated, it has the potential to become a distinct legal entity, apart from its owners in terms of finances, monetary responsibilities, or liabilities. 

Online business formation companies may likely take off the pressure of business owners looking to legally incorporate their business. While there are many alternatives out on the market, reviews of ZenBusiness may suggest that they are a viable option for companies looking to professionally establish themselves within the US business sector.

Advantages of Utilizing ZenBusiness to Professionally Incorporate a Business

Founded in 2015, ZenBusiness may potentially be one of the most economically friendly LLC formation services on the market, with pricing starting at approximately $39. According to research, it may be established that they helped to professionally form thousands of companies, consequently leaving them with thousands of positive reviews, which may be favorable to read for business owners looking to explore their services. 

ZenBusiness may potentially do an expert task of allowing the business formation process to be approachable as well as accessible for business owners who would rather form their business with expertise as opposed to independently. While this company does offer LLC formation packages, they do have the option to provide optional features and services individually. 

Apart from the several benefits this company offers to entrepreneurs, they also potentially contribute to aid business maintenance by offering to take care of annual report filing and other ongoing administration related to LLC formation. With good customer feedback, and more than 6 200 online reviews, almost all are positive.

ZenBusiness Formation Packages 

The service offers three LLC formation package options, which are the Starter Package, the Pro Package, and the Premium Package. Depending on business owners’ budget as well as studying what exactly the business requires out of the service, the $149 Pro Package may possibly be the most reasonable option to consider. 

The Pro Package includes all aspects from the starter package as well as an inclusive opportunity to gain the business federal tax id number (EIN), banking resolution documentation as well as a worry-free guarantee which may potentially include prepping annual report filing as well as two amendments per year. 

The starter package may be a considerable choice for business owners who are looking for the basic formation services, which include name availability search, preparation of filing for articles of organization, and registered agent service.

A worry-free accounting assessment, as well as an LLC operating agreement, is included in this package for potentially only $39 and the respective state fee. This package may likely be budget-friendly and ideal for newer startup business ventures.

For already well-established companies, the premium package may be an ideal opportunity to obtain for $249 plus the specific state fee, since this package includes everything from the starter and pro package as well as multiple other benefits. The advantages that come with this package contains, domain name registration and privacy, rush filing speed as well as a business email address and website.

Final Takeaway 

As an online LLC formation service, ZenBusiness as a company has gathered many favorable advantages that may be encouraging for business owners to potentially contemplate. 

It also may be taken into account that this may be perceived as a socially conscious organization that focuses on giving back to their community while growing as a community. ZenBusiness strives to alleviate poverty from individuals who are going through financial struggles through

After a considerable amount of research, ZenBusiness may potentially be rated one of the best-rated LLC formation services for businesses looking to establish themselves professionally. With what appears to be exemplary customer reviews and affordable pricing options, ZenBusiness may be a genuine value to integrate within any specific company. 

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