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Workplace accidents can occur at anytime, irrespective of the worker’s industry. Here are the top 6 workers compensation claims made.

Top 6 Common Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workplace accidents can occur at anytime, irrespective of the worker’s industry. Furthermore, you can do everything possible to avoid them but still get injured. These injuries can lead to disabilities restraining you from meeting your daily needs. Some injuries can be fatal and expensive to treat. That is why you need to file workers’ compensation to be compensated for the loss. Knowing what worker’s compensation entails and the steps you should take is crucial if you live in Portland and work there./ Always contact the Portland workers’ compensation attorney to guide you and help you avoid mistakes that could lead to denial of the compensation. This article will explore common workers’ compensation claims.

  • Slip, Trips, and Fall

One of the common causes of injury in the workplace is slipping, tripping, and falling. This can lead to great physical injuries and, in some cases, death. Most of these causes happen when employees slip on snowy walkways or wet floors. The groundkeepers, security workers, and store clerks are among the workers who fall victim to freshly mopped floors.

  • Overexertion

Overexertion often occurs when workers are subjected to hard labor that they can manage. This can include big pulls, pushes, throws, and lifts that can injure a force, a joint, or a muscle beyond its usual range of motion. Such cases are often witnessed in construction and factory jobs and where physical labor is necessary.

  • Electrocution

Another cause of injury at work occurs when a worker gets electrocuted, which can cause more injuries in your body organs. It often results in severe nerve damage, cardiac arrest, burns, and brain injury. When a worker is electrocuted, they should seek medical services as soon as possible to be evaluated for the damages. Some workers who often fall victim to this include forestry workers, construction workers, truck drivers, carpenters, and crane operators.

  • Transportation Incidents

If you are a company driver, many issues can arise and cause bodily harm. One of the major incidents is accidents, especially with truck drivers, which can be fatal and lead to major disability. Ensuring the accident occurred while you were on a business drive is important.

  • Machinery Accidents

Another common cause of minor to major injuries is machinery accidents. Accidents such as mutilation or crushing of workers are often reported in industries where large, heavy machinery is used. Huge medical costs and disabilities often follow these accidents. In many states, laws ensure employees are trained well before allowing them to operate such equipment. Additionally, employers should ensure that the machinery is well-maintained and in safe working order. These laws help protect employees from injuries and what comes with them.

  • Workplace Violence

In major workplaces, workers experience violence, especially social service workers. Community workers, probation officers, psychiatric evaluators, and retail workers are the most affected. When this happens, they must report and collect all the necessary evidence to receive compensation.

Final Words

The above are common grounds for workers’ compensation. If you have been injured at work, ensure you hire a personal injury lawyer to aid you in seeking compensation.

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