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Wood VS Plastic, Which Is Better For Your Home

Something’s for sure when it pertains to wood house and workplace accessories: not all items are produced equivalent. That belief couldn’t be even more from the fact. The mainstream and hugely offered plastic phone cases, plastic phone docks and charging stations, and other stylish phone devices don’t cut our book. At Craft Kitties, we pride ourselves on crafting wooden instruments, whether a wood organization, a wood monitor stand, or a wood tray.

Did you understand that purchasing plastic phone devices could be doing more damage than helpful for your health and the environment? Today, we at Craftkitties wished to take a few minutes to highlight 5 uncommon realities about wooden devices and how they are better than plastic. We may even toss an extra point in for a suitable procedure! Keep reading to read more.

Why Wooden Accessories are Better Than Plastic

# 1: Wooden Add-ons Are Super Durable
Contrary to common belief, wood material are much longer-lasting than plastic. Plastic can and does warp, break, melt, and chip with time, whereas wood accessories tend to hold their value, stay intact, and look classy permanently.

# 2: Wooden Accessories Are Far More Ecological Than Plastic
It’s common sense when you believe that wooden accessories are far more ecological than plastic ones, and for a significant reason. Wood and the production of wood accessories leave far less carbon imprint. Trees soak up carbon monoxide gas from the air when growing and alive, leaving clean, filtered air for everybody to delight in. On the other hand, plastic production puts carbon into viewpoint and other chemical compounds that harm the ozone, human health, and wildlife.

# 3: Wooden Accessories Do Not Contain Bpa
BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a synthetic compound used to make plastic products to bind the plastic together. Did you know that, unless specified on the object itself, most plastic items contain BPA? Even worse, this chemical is dangerous to human health – and most all plastic products, including BPA, release the compound into the air around you, paving the way for health hazards as awful as cancer. Picture a product sitting across the space from you, putting off damaging chemicals into the air. Now, picture yourself utilizing a plastic phone case on your phone, which you hold against your skin – and your head, no less – every day. Wood iPhone and Android Phone cases do not do that, so there’s no need to worry. You can rely on Craftkitties wood devices for your health!

# 4: Wood Accessories Are Special!
You love originality if you’re like us. That’s what you’ll discover with Craftkitties Accessories. You see, no 2 pieces of wood are the same – so each wooden phone case and wood laptop computer docking station is exactly that – individual and unique.

# 5: Your Wooden Devices’ Appeal Will Enhance With Time
Unlike plastic, which contorts, chips, deteriorates, fractures, and even melts over time. Our wooden devices are unique in the way that, as time wears on, your wood phone accessories, wood docking stations, and wood charging stations will all acquire character and patina in time. Those little nicks, dents, and bangs versus your products will only bring your device’s nature and life. As a reward, oils from your skin from touching your wood phone case, wooden charging station, wooden laptop computer docking station, and more wood CraftKitties products will give way for the charm of our wood to indeed come through, displaying each wood grain within.

# 6: The Esthetic Is Unmatchable
If you were to place 2 products of a similar nature beside one another, one being plastic, and the other wood, which one would you think to be more appealing? The wood product. There’s just something exquisite about wood that plastic can’t touch. That’s another reason that Craftkitties products supersede the competitors – there is no competition. We are unique, our items promote themselves, and they hold an ageless charm unrivaled by any other.

Why You Should Buy All Natural Wood Products
There have been significant technological breakthroughs in creating inexpensive and durable building materials, but sometimes it’s best to turn to tradition and opt for all-natural wood products. Here are a few reasons why we can’t go beyond wood

Refreshing Return to Natural Simplicity
Wood products represent a return to simplicity. In a society of over-designed and mass-produced products, handmade wood products are a refreshing change of pace and a welcome daily occurrence in disrupted’s busy lives.

Sustainable methods and eco-friendly design
Unlike metal or plastic, wood comes from the world around us. In the case of Craft Kitties, our story begins in the hills, valleys, and forests of southwestern Pennsylvania. While the technology-centric economy may have us covered, we found inspiration from Pittsburgh last year and look to the traditional blue-collar spirit that the town has built to create locally sourced heirloom wood products.

At Craft Kitties, we are proud to say that our zero-waste manufacturing methods mean that no product is thrown away or tossed into the trash.

The unparalleled beauty and all-natural wood look
Perhaps our favorite reason for using natural wood is the finished product. While products made from ceramics, plastics, and other artificial materials may look beautiful, nothing compares to the natural beauty of wood. Since the early days of our country, wood has been the most trusted and cherished material to work with. Whether displaying your phone in a specific wooden case or bringing the outdoors of the office to wooden journals, mouse pads, and business card holders, the beautiful wood grain patterns and smooth surfaces add an elegant touch to everyday products.

A style as unique as the trees they come from
No two trees are the same. Each tree has its own unique story. A deeply rooted story is ingrained in its bark and wood. At Craft Kitties, our job is to bring the story to the world. Each of our wood lifestyle products is as unique as the trees they come from, making your product truly unique.

Wood products are much more versatile and flexible than many people realize. When you get your wood directly from the source, carving and creating something spectacular is just a matter of know-how and high-precision craftsmanship. Each of our wood products is individually handcrafted from carefully inspected wood to ensure that every millimeter of your material leaves its mark.

Undoubtedly, durability is one of the most crucial selling points of all-natural wood products. The wood products we carry daily are as rough and challenging as the trees they once came from. Our products are made from the finest hand-selected woods to ensure superior quality, strength, and durability.

Endless Customization
With Craft Kitties products by your side, there is no end to the art and creativity you can showcase, thanks to our endless customization. Combining traditional woodworking techniques with modern technology, our artisans can create precisely the item you need. Send us your image and let our expert woodworkers connect your vision with your woodwork.

Easy Maintenance
Some may argue that wood is too prone to scratches and scuffs, but as long as you’re careful, our wood lifestyle products will look as good as new. Include light dusting and polishing in your weekly cleaning routine, and your wood products will always look as fresh as the day they left our craft Kitties!

A Timeless Investment
Our lifestyle products combine modern design principles with traditional woodworking practices, allowing you to capture a minor nature in your pocket while breathing new life into the items we use every day. The Craft Kitties team is committed to pursuing the finest products to ensure that you are buying the highest quality handmade products.

If you are still not convinced that wood products are for you, let them speak for themselves and purchase the eco-friendly natural wood products we have collected today. High-quality products are not mass-produced. Make sure you are carrying something that is both stylish and functional, then buy Craft Kitties.


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