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Understanding the Attributes of a Winning Photo

A good subject or an expensive camera is not enough to make a winning photo. Good photographers have the skills and creativity to make winning photos. A good photographer understands the attributes of a winning photo and implements them seamlessly in his photos. Experts believe a winning photo can communicate a fact successfully, touch hearts, and leave viewers mesmerized or a changed individual having viewed the photo. An effective photo is a winning photo. Irrespective of how expensive the camera is or how fascinating the subject is, they are not enough to create a winning image capable of communicating facts, promoting emotion, and changing people.  

Winning photos must include a few crucial attributes for evoking prompt response from the audience. Even if your choice of a specific subject is the most critical factor, your picture cannot be a winning photo unless it contains a few characteristics or qualities. Let us learn more about the attributes of a winning image while participating in a photo contest.

Preparing for the Competition 

Before participating in a competition, you must work hard to prepare for contest. You may focus on exposing yourself to numerous good photographers and their excellent or noteworthy photos. As photography is fundamentally a visual art, you can learn and understand what qualities make a winning photo. Start reading photography books, browse photography portfolios of reputed photographers, and attend exhibits online. 

When you like a new photo you just came across recently, find out the qualities that impressed you. Focus on studying effective ways of making your pictures look like that. Try to keep that in mind and jot down the qualities that impress you. If the photography style is different, try experimenting and identify a way to experiment for recreating that specific style. The most effective way of enriching your photography is to visit and browse through online photography resources. 

Qualities of a Winning Photo Compelling Composition

You may consider the fundamental rules of symmetry and the compositional rule of thirds. You must learn the techniques of recreating compelling compositions. You need to pay attention to leading lines, negative spacing, framing, and depth of field. If your photo is thoughtfully composed, there are no worries about the style, rule, or technique you follow.

Iconic Moments

Expert photographers believe in shooting the moment, instead of the subject. According to experts at Huffpost, life is actually an endless series of moments, and not images. Good photographers believe in capturing iconic moments. While reproducing an iconic scene from an evergreen or classic movie or shooting a moment about something trendy, these pictures allow the viewers to get emotionally connected to the specific moment highlighted in the picture. So a winning picture should focus on moments.

Attention to Detail

It is critical to notice even the slightest detail to win a photo competition. Details are essential for telling stories. They stimulate intimate memories. After shooting the people present at a vacation resort or a birthday party, look around for finer details. Winning anything in life is all about efficiency and speed. Pictures that focus on overlooked details can draw immediate audience attention. Even details from your daily life can stir up nostalgic feelings and deep emotions in the audience.


For creating a winning photo, you may focus on incorporating in your photo, the qualities discussed above. However, as a photographer, you should essentially concentrate on furnishing your expertise and skills. Always strive for excellence and make yourself better each day.

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