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Everyone is trying to promote a better environment these days, and wineries can help by stocking reusable bags. Find out the hows and whys today.

10 great reasons wineries should have reusable bags

All businesses understand the impact that pollution has on water, land, and everything else that grows on it, including wineries. There is a significant environmental impact that plastic and as well as paper bags have on the planet. This has been known to some wineries.

These are 10 good reasons wineries should make use of reusable wine bags.

  1. Encourage Customer Loyalty

Customers love to receive gifts.  It’s not just about the one-time sale.  You want to encourage them to return week after week, especially if they bring in a small discount with their wine bag. The discount encourages loyalty and is an added bonus to the beautiful wine bag.

  1. Promote Your Brand

They can not only return to your winery with their bags but they can also take them to concerts in the park (if the city ordinances permit), to dinner at a friend’s house, and many other places, all while helping to promote your wine business.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Many people are curious if reusable cloth bag is really better than disposable alternatives. Yes, it is. The ecological cost of bags is higher than ever, from the manufacturing process to their pollution and landing in landfills to the polluting effects on rivers, beaches, and oceans.

  1. Paper Bags are Much More Elegant than Paper Bags

Wineries are businesses that are built around aesthetics. It takes a lot of effort to make your wine shop look good. It should feel warm, welcoming, and maybe even cozy. You cater to people with refined tastes. The aesthetics are what they appreciate, so offering them a plain-colored paper bag to take their wine home from your shop is a bad idea.

  1. Visibility Increases for Your Winery

You can make a lasting impression on your customers by using reusable wine bags. It also turns them into potential advertisers for your company. You can’t pass up this opportunity if you stick to the safer route of paper bags. It’s always a good idea to get publicity for something positive, especially when it comes to free publicity.

  1. Show Customers You Appreciate Their Business

To show appreciation to customers, gifts are a great way to show them that you care. Even for customers who don’t drink wine, these bags can be very useful. It also shows that you are making an investment in your customers by giving them one of your bags.

  1. Show Off Your Fun Side

You can choose a brighter, more fun, and colorful bag, or a logo bag. Reusable wine bags can be used to thank your guests for attending events at your wineries.

  1. You Can Customize Different Messages

You can personalize reusable wine bags with your own message. You can celebrate your brand or the art of wine drinking. Or just add some humor that your customers will love.

  1. Celebrate Annual Events

Holidays that include wine, seasonal events (harvest and spring renewal, winter wonder, and summer fun), to winery-specific celebrations (annual anniversary, concert series, etc.) are all possible. There are many events that you can celebrate at your winery, which lends itself well to creating commemorative bags.

  1. Encourage Others to Join You in Your Values for the Planet

Handing out custom wine bags is a great way to communicate your values to the planet to your customers. Even small things, such as using reusable bags or other bags.

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