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Why casinos are much loved in films

Casinos have been featured in films for a long time now. You’ve probably seen them in some of your favourite films and wondered why they’re so popular in the movie industry.

There are many reasons why filmmakers and producers love using casinos as filming locations. They’re not only visually stunning and exciting but they’re also useful settings to help develop characters and build suspense.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons behind the popularity of casinos in films and where you can spot some of the most iconic casinos. We’ll also point out how different casino gaming is in films compared to real life.

Why do filmmakers love casinos so much?

As we said before, casinos are a favourite of many industry professionals because they’re usually colourful, exciting and a little bit nerve wracking.

They’re both familiar and foreign at the same time. Many people have never stepped into a casino so there’s a real fascination for these places.

Even though many people have never set foot in a casino, the vast majority know of these venues and the most iconic casinos in the world. Discovering them on the big screen becomes more interesting for the public.

There are also different types of casinos, some are high-end, while others are more accessible. Most films like to showcase high-end and exclusive casinos where rich individuals go to play.

Viewers are usually fascinated with this world of gaming and discovering the lifestyles of rich individuals. It’s a form of escapism for many audience members.

Another reason why filmmakers love casinos is because of the casino games available there. There are many games in casino gaming such as Virgin Games.

Some options, like poker and blackjack, are based on strategy and math skills more than others. Games like bingo or slot machines, for example, rely on pure luck.

Poker and Blackjack are usually the ones you’ll find in films. Because they’re “brainier”, showcasing them in a film helps to highlight a character’s intelligence and aptitude to fool others.

Audiences tend to respect the character after discovering their casino gaming talents. It says a lot about the character without the need to use too many dialogues.

It also builds suspense, raises the stakes by including actual money, and helps develop characters and their relationships.

A final reason behind the success of casino scenes in films is that it inspires gamers to play casino games. Those who already love casinos and their gaming selection usually like learning more about techniques and strategies through films.

Those who don’t know anything about gaming, can use films as a way into casino gaming, as a sort of introduction.

Films that have included a casino scene

There are many films that have used casinos as settings or as major plot tools. Here are some of the most famous ones:

  • Casino
  • Casino Royale
  • Ocean’s Eleven
  • The Hangover
  • The Sting

There are many more of course, these are just a few examples of well-known films. They did very well at the box office and all-star famous Hollywood actors.

These films went on to become worldwide hits, known in most countries.

How different is on-screen casino gaming to real-life casino gaming?

As you would expect, there are always differences between what movies depict and reality. On-screen casino gaming can be different from real-life casino gaming.

First of all, not all casinos are as exclusive as those you usually see in films. There are more accessible and affordable ones almost everywhere in the world.

Second of all, films like Casino Royale show casino gaming as something that is very dangerous, almost a life-or-death type of situation. Obviously, most casino games are more relaxed and fun to play without the risk of being killed by your enemy.

Third of all, although some films show ways to cheat at poker and blackjack, these tricks are well-known by casino providers and are forbidden. Casinos have all sorts of devices to spot cheaters.

On that note, they also have devices to stop clients from stealing money from them. Taking money from a casino as shown in Ocean’s Eleven is not that realistic nowadays.

Fourth, as mentioned earlier, there are more games in casinos than usually depicted in films. Hollywood focuses mainly on poker and blackjack.

There are many more casino games in real life, with games such as slingo and different versions of each famous casino game. There are also more online venues opening up.

This means that the traditional in-person, physical casino venue is no longer the only option for gamers. Now, fans of casino games can play on their mobile devices from the comfort of their home.

The role of technology and the virtual is not really explored in casino films.

Final thoughts

In this article, we’ve discussed some of the reasons behind the success of casinos in films. We explained that casinos are loved by filmmakers and audiences because they are exciting, nerve wracking, foreign and familiar at the same time.

Many people have never set foot in a casino so they’re interested in seeing what an exclusive and famous casino looks like. Filmmakers love these venues because they’re perfect for character development, for visuals and to help captivate audience members.

They’re also ideal to build suspense and tension in the film because casino gaming and casino venues tend to be seen as dangerous and risky places.

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