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Facts About Wholesale Diamond Bracelets in Dallas, TX

It will be wise to do your research before buying a diamond bracelet. Bracelets are one of the jewelry that women want to wear. Find out more about diamond bracelets and dealers of wholesale diamond bracelets in Dallas, TX to know the facts about wholesale diamond bracelets. In that way, you can have more convenience and less stressful shopping. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Diamond Bracelet

Choosing the Style 

You have to determine what style of bracelet you are aiming for. It is easier for you to pick from a wide variety of designs. However, if you are buying it as a gift then it will be wise to know what the person wants. Then base it on their preference. To make your bracelet more personalized, observe the jewelry the receiver prefers. Make the charms or stone shapes be according to their favorite shape or if you can put engravings better. 

Decide if You Will go For Bangle or Bracelet

Bracelets are made of woven metal chains while bangles are made of rigid metal that has an opening to close and open it. Choose which one is ideal with your style as well as lifestyle. 

Get a Good Size for your Wrist

Bracelets in Dallas should not be too tight on the writs otherwise they will not be comfortable. So getting your exact fit for your bracelet will be good. If you have a tape measure better get your exact measurement or use a strip of paper then bring it when you shop for your bracelet. Or the best fit will be to be able to slip two of your fingers when you are wearing the bracelet. If you are buying for someone then getting their exact size will be good. 

Choosing the Metals 

Gold or silver. That will be your choice, gold is more durable and comes in a variety of shades such as yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. When it comes to daily wear gold is better than silver. But if you plan to use your bracelet on special occasions only then silver will be a practical choice of metal. 

Carat Weight of Your Diamond Bracelet 

Each diamond on bracelets can weigh 0.02 carats. To determine how many stones you would want your bracelet to have. You can base it on your budget or depend on how many diamonds will be placed in your bracelet. Getting a quotation ahead can make you prepared for your budget or you can set your budget and your jeweler will match the number of diamonds in your bracelet according to your budget. 

Quality of your Diamond Bracelets 

The good thing about diamond bracelets is that the diamonds used are too small. Any imperfections can be noticed which means going for lower grade diamonds will not be too much of an issue. There are three qualities of a diamond bracelet you can choose from:

  • Premium Quality

These are small diamonds and are ideal for people who are under a budget.

  • H/Si Quality

Diamonds are higher than premium quality. They are white sparkly, beautiful, and ideal for tennis bracelets. 

  • G/Vs Quality

These are slightly whiter diamonds and fr 2 carats and above. This is the highest diamond form for bracelets unless you opt for bigger size diamonds. 

Best Shapes for Diamond Bracelets 

Round and Square princess cut diamonds are the most common ones, however, any shape can be possible as long as you talk to your jeweler and follow their recommendation of which one can have the best result. 

Settings For your Diamond Bracelets

The settings come in different varieties such as pave settings, illusions settings, channel settings, and many more. Determine what you want your bracelet to look like, the key guide in choosing a setting would be choosing between simple and complicated ones. 

Now that you have an idea of the facts about wholesale diamond bracelets then you can start shopping for your diamond bracelet. It will be good to have a guide to follow and getting familiar with diamond bracelets before buying one can be a wise move. Since you can visualize the bracelet you desire it will be easier for you to pick from the many designs you will see. 

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