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What Is Lingerie? 10 Ways to Rock It

Technically, lingerie simply describes women’s underwear or sleepwear. But, when you think of lingerie, granny panties are probably not what comes to mind. You probably start imagining lacey intimates, matching sets, or sultry bustiers. 

While lingerie can be great to spice up the bedroom, you don’t need a partner to rock a sexy set. Indulging in new lingerie can boost confidence and help you feel more empowered in your body. 

Every body is different, and you want to find lingerie that best suits your body type so that you can celebrate every luscious curve. Take some time to shop around and see what garments, cuts, and styles make you feel like the sexiest and most powerful version of yourself. 

Do you like to show off your legs in a high-cut panty? Cinch your waist in a charming corset? Or play the vixen in a strappy teddy? Here are a few staple items you can use to start curating your lingerie collection and ten ways to rock your new look. 

1. Three-Piece Garter Set 

A lacey bra with a matching thong and garter belt make up this classic lingerie look. You can find intricate details like floral embroidery or pearls on these sets. These sets come in various styles, from bold and brazen to flirty and romantic. 

White can be beautiful if you’re shopping for a bridal set, but don’t be afraid of color. Pastel florals can play up your demure side, while a rich red could help you feel a little more daring. Clip the garter belt to some lacey stockings and throw on your heels. Wear it under your date night look, and let the lingerie bring out your sultry side.  

2. Silky Chemise

You don’t always need to deal with underwire and garter clips to look alluring in the bedroom. You can slip right into a silky chemise to wind down after a long day. A sheer lacey chemise can provide a chic and subtle peek-a-boo look, sure to thrill your partner. Pair with a cheeky pair of underwear in the same color. This look is as comfortable as it is sexy. 

3. Lacey Thong and Bra Set 

Some days you need an extra pep in your step. The right lacey bra and thong set can be your secret weapon. Wear under your favorite dress to give your girls a lift. Not only do lacey thongs look sexy on their own, but they lay flat under tight clothing. You’ll know you have on something stunning, but no one will see your panty lines.   

4. Bold Bustier 

A bustier is an extended bra covering either or all of your torso. These have been all the rage lately, and many women wear them out and about with some wide legs jeans and a light jacket. Even if you want to keep your bustier in the bedroom, these lux pieces can help hold everything in place. Choose a bustier with garter straps and matching panties for a complete look.  

5. Flirty Tassels

Feel flirty in a garter belt with tassels. You’ll be able to shake it like a burlesque star. Choose an open triangle bra with tassels that just barely hide your breasts. Fringe could help cover up more of your torso and help you feel more confident. Pair with some black heels and strut your stuff like a vaudeville star.   

6. Vivacious Bodysuits 

Bodysuits are all one piece and fit like a dance leotard. You could choose a soft, unstructured version like a lacey teddy or opt for more support with underwire cups. Some bodysuits also double as shapewear and can smooth out your figure in a tight dress. Be bold and wear with high-waisted jeans and a leather jacket for a night out on the town. 

7. Sheer and Subtle 

A sheer bralette and matching boy short in a soft nude makes for a delicate and romantic sleepwear set. Perfect to pack on your next romantic getaway. Although, you may not get too much rest. 

8. Classic Corset 

Play into all your Bridgerton fantasies and enhance your hourglass figure in a classic corset. Since corsets cinch your waistline, you want to choose a size about 3-4 inches smaller than your waistline. You don’t want to faint and fall into the ocean like Kiera Knightly in Pirates of the Caribbean… unless, of course, there is a handsome pirate ready to rescue you.  

9. Cheeky Shorts and Cami Sleep Set 

A camisole and cheeky shorts may not seem quite as sexy as a body suit or three-piece set with a garter belt, but this relaxed look allows you to indulge in lush and expensive feeling pajamas. You’ll feel like a queen in a silky tank. Plus, the cheeky shorts will have your booty popping. 

10. Accessorize  

The right accessories can make the moment. Try a pair of long white gloves and pearls with a black three-piece set to feel like a glamorous old Hollywood starlet. Have a few sets of lacey thigh highs and fishnets handy to clip onto your bustier or garter belt. A good pair of heels will help lengthen your legs and help you settle into the moment. 


Whether you wear lingerie for yourself or to share with a partner leveling up your intimates will give you another opportunity for self-expression. And unlike the clothes you wear every day, when you are this private version of yourself, you can be whomever you want. 

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