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What are Virtual Office Spaces?

The short answer is that a virtual office space gives you a physical business address with office-related services. The only difference is you do not have a long lease with overhead costs or need administrative staff. 

With the virtual office space, you and your employees can work from home or anywhere and still have all the features, from mailing services, meeting rooms, and phone answering services to videoconferencing. 

How Does a Virtual Office Work?

When you rent a virtual office in Calgary, it operates as one unit for you to serve customers, but not in a fixed location. The setup is popular for startups and small businesses to help minimize overhead costs. In addition, web-based office software and services like videoconferencing help drive your virtual office’s growth. 

Important Key Takeaways

When starting any business, renting a fixed building space, the virtual office also has some essential takeaways to consider:

  • The virtual office space is a company operating as one unit with a physical mailing address. But it does not exist in a specific location.
  • You get development tools like messaging and videoconferencing services to help increase and grow your business presence online. 
  • The operating costs are less than renting an office space and work well for startups and small businesses. 
  • With virtual office space, you can expand the job market for hiring employees, as people can work from anywhere in the world. 
  • The virtual office is less expensive as you have videoconferencing and phone answering, but it might have limited accessibility.

Renting a virtual office from a Calgary Business Centre can lead to productivity as it helps free employees from administrative tasks and commuting to work. Your staff can work at any location convenient, as you can hire employees globally.  With more people working remotely, it adds a lot of benefits to using virtual office space.

Pros and Cons Related to Virtual Office Spaces 

For many people, the appeal of virtual office space remains twofold. Still, the advantage is that you can save on the overhead costs instead of taking a lease on a traditional office space. In addition, you do not have upkeep costs or need to pay utility bills and do not need staff. 

With virtual office space, you only need to secure a month-to-month lease offering flexibility as your business changes. So, you need not wait for a lease to expire or incur costs for a broken lease. Still, the prices vary for a virtual office ranging between $40 to $200 per month the more services you add. 

Yet, you get different services, from telephone answering, videoconferencing, and a mailing address. Hence, it is appealing to small businesses because it can provide you with multiple addresses to meet with clients.

On the other hand, some services offered in a virtual office arrangement need pre-planning. For instance, some packages provide limited use for teleconferencing and conference rooms to videoconferencing services. 

You may find the place has restricted access at night or over weekends. Or it is not as flexible for your type of business. Yet, virtual office spaces have more benefits if you are only starting and can provide you with the essentials you need until your business grows. 

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