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Are you waterproofing your deck for the first time? Here's everything you need before you begin.

The preparation you need to waterproofing a deck

Are you waterproofing your deck for the first time? If yes, you need to know more about securing the deck surfaces and a few other details to execute the project better. It is necessary to take some time for waterproofing and plan it well. Summer or spring is a good time that enables you to prepare for this with the help of an ace service provider. 

Preparing for the project is essential to ensure attaining the anticipated outcomes. You should allow the service provider access to the property so that they can do the needful. To learn more about service providers who can help you with this, you can connect with waterproofing experts at CAPITAL DECK AND STAIR WATERPROOFING. From your end, need you to need to get the following done:

  • Clearing and cleaning the space on the deck

When developing a brand-new house and wishing to have a contractor that can waterproof the new deck, you must ensure zero hindrances. The contractor needs to get a clean area to do the work. No construction material should be lying on the deck. The first aspect that any service provider would check is the deck surface by removing the grill or the furniture. Chances are that they will also search for loose boards or other damages. They will need repair before any coating goes down. And finally, you have to ensure that the contractor gets a handy tool to carry on with the preparation, such as sandpaper. 

  • Smooth out the rough spaces of the deck surface

You need to have a soft deck surface before any waterproofing takes place. And any well-prepared contractor will keep sandpaper to smooth the rough spots, splinters, and dings. When this gets done, it ensures apt application and doesn’t overlook the wood damage. It also means you might have to sweep the debris to ensure a clean surface. There is more to this than the final preparation process. Ensure that the contractor scrubs the deck using water and a scrub brush. And using a thorough wash, the debris will move away. After this, you must wait a couple of days for the wood to dry. Applying a waterproofing coating is unnecessary if your deck is wet. 

  • The coating application 

The contractor must mix the coating thoroughly before applying the same, and the application should be even. It is wise to use small paintbrushes that reach the railings and corners. When you miss even a tiny spot, it can affect the plywood area. 

Finally, you must allow the coating to dry before returning the furniture! You need to enable time for the final waterproofing layer to dry completely. It would help if you placed the furniture back on the deck when the drying process is complete. You have to share the details with the contractor. 

Today, the best service providers have come up with waterproofing coatings that can secure the deck in one application. The fast drying makes the process easy when you have other things well aligned. 

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