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Knowing when to attend the doctor is hard. Should you visit the ophthalmologist? We'll show you a list of reasons that indicate the possibilities.

Should you visit the ophthalmologist? Look at the reasons that indicate the possibilities

Normally, it is not usual for us to visit an ophthalmologist. However, it is important to know what are the signs that you should consider so that you know when to visit an ophthalmologist. Although we will talk about the reasons that may indicate that you need to visit an ophthalmologist, we must bear in mind that regular eye checkups help detect eye problems early. Knowing them minimizes their impact on quality of life and carrying out the necessary treatment.

Observe moving spots, flashes of light, and halos

The floating bodies that we can observe in our vision are in most cases normal degeneration of the gel that fills the eye. These particles cast a shadow on the retina. Although they are harmless and quite common, it is worth visiting an ophthalmologist. It may also be the case that a kind of halo is observed around the lights. These halos occur when there are sudden increases in intraocular pressure, so it is very important to consult an ophthalmologist.

Eye irritation and dryness

Eye irritation is not a warning sign, but when it becomes a common annoyance, it can be a symptom of the dry eye syndrome, a chronic condition. Alterations cause dry eye syndrome in the formation of sufficient tears or alterations that reduce the time the tear remains on the ocular surface. For those who suffer from this condition, it is quite annoying. Therefore, it is necessary to visit the best ophthalmologist in Jacksonville Fl.

Accidental exposure to chemicals

If, for any reason, you are exposed to chemical substances and some encounter your eyes, you should visit an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. The ophthalmologist will review all the ocular structures that may have been damaged by the substance that encountered the eye. It is best to wash your eyes with plenty of cold water for a few minutes and immediately see a specialist.

Sudden eye pain

If you have acute eye pain, it could be a sign of several problems: a foreign body lodged in the eye or a viral or bacterial infection. Another cause of intense pain is eye inflammation, increased intraocular pressure, or simply the need to change glasses. The increase in intraocular pressure above very high levels can also cause eye pain.

Present sensitivity to light

Sensitivity to light, also called photophobia, is one of the symptoms of ocular migraine or that there is some inflammation in the eye. Therefore, it is necessary to go to an ophthalmologist to determine its causes and to treat it correctly.

Age, one of the reasons why you have to visit the ophthalmologist

Until the age of 40, it is necessary to have complete checkups of our vision, every 3 or 5 years. These reviews are recommended to increase every two years, as you approach age 40. From 40 to 65 years old, it is recommended to visit the ophthalmologist once a year. 

After age 65, comprehensive vision screening should be increased. These checkups will detect conditions such as eyestrain. They are necessary to diagnose eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

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