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Hosting a virtual event can be exciting and fun. Here are five tips on how to improve your future virtual events.

Hosting A Virtual Event: 5 Tips To Make It Fun For Everyone

Hosting a virtual event can be exciting and fun; make sure that your attendees feel the same way by keeping the energy high. If your content is enjoyable and entertaining the audience will remain engaged. Encouraging some participation from your attendees will make the event feel more personal to them and leave a lasting impression. Make sure that your event hosts and speakers are friendly and excited about their portion of the event.  

  • Make Your Event Interactive 

Set up your virtual event in a manner that is inclusive and interactive. Allowing your event to be interactive will encourage participation and will make your event more memorable. Add in a time for open discussion or add a few content trivia questions throughout your event to keep crowd engagement high. When hosting a virtual event, even a simple “like” button can have a great effect on the crowd’s participation. 

  • Encourage Virtual Voting 

Everybody wants to feel like their voice is being heard. Even if your event isn’t structured for interactive communication, you can still achieve this with a simple poll. Adding a simple satisfaction poll at the end of your event can give you real-time results on how attendees felt about your virtual event. 

  • Make The Experience Fun 

Keep your event fun. Even the most boring topic can be fun if you present it well. Have speakers that are excited and present with smiling personalities. Make digital transitions eye-catching and allow for a good mix between pre-recorded and live presentations. 

  • Schedule A Break During Longer Events 

If your event is going to be longer than an hour, schedule a brief intermission. This will provide your attendees and yourself with an expected break to stretch, run to the bathroom, or just a moment to absorb the information that they have already taken in. A well-timed intermission can also be used as a transition into a final topic or a headliner. 

  • Do A Dress Rehearsal

It doesn’t matter whether your event is an online webinar or a live-action play at the theater, always do a dress rehearsal. Practicing before you host your event is the perfect way to get a feel for the content and develop a comfortable flow before you’re in front of the crowd. It is also a good time to work out any bugs or unforeseen shortcomings. Get together with your co-hosts and event planner to make sure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities. It will go a long way to a smooth event. 

Hosting A Virtual Event People Will Remember

Get your name out there and make your content memorable. Remember that when hosting a virtual event, your ticket sales are key to your success. Make sure that your event is inclusive, inviting, and fun so that people want to attend. During the event keep transitions smooth and entertaining so that you don’t lose people’s interest. Maintaining favorable engagement levels from the crowd will ensure attendance is high when hosting virtual events in the future.

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