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Vaping can sometimes pose issues when traveling. Learn how to travel safely with vaping gear here.

Flying with your vaping gear- How to do it safely

If you are a vaping enthusiast, you will probably not want to miss out on it when traveling for pleasure or business. Flying with your gear may be the biggest concern, particularly when you are taking an international flight. Packing them along isn’t as simple as carrying cigarettes as vape devices have liquid and batteries. Fortunately, you can do it provided that you follow some rules and regulations. Here are some guidelines you can follow to fly with your vaping gear safely.

Know the regulations in the destination country

Even before you start worrying about flying with your gear, you need to know whether you will actually need it in the destination country. Start by finding out whether e-cigarettes are legally permissible at your destination. You will be surprised to know that some countries have even stricter curbs on the use of e-cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes. You will have to pay steep penalties even if you carry your vaping device there. Some countries let you bring your stuff although you may not be able to buy more once you are there. 

Understand the airline regulations

The next aspect of flying with vaping gear is airline regulations. You have to be extra careful about carrying liquids and batteries, and vaping devices have both. You will have to pack the device and spare batteries only in your carry-on bag. Use a clear zip-top bag for e-liquid because it enables easy examination at the security checkpoint. Following these rules will keep you on the right side of the law, and you will have a hassle-free experience at the airport.

Invest in a travel-friendly device

Another thing you need to bear in mind is the size and shape of the device. You will want it to be easy to pack. It also makes sense to pick one that is discreet. You can buy Yocan Falcon Vaporizer online from KING’s Pipe if you are looking for a travel-friendly option. The multi-function device works for both herbs and concentrates, which gives you more choices as you travel. It is compact and has an ergonomic design, and you can pack and use it easily anywhere.

Prepare your device for the flight

Once you know the regulations and have the right device at hand, it is time to prepare it for the flight. There is always a risk of leakage from the vape tank at altitudes, which makes it vital to empty it before you get aboard. Steer clear of vaping on the plane because airlines do not permit you to do it. Do not even try stealth vaping because you will get into trouble if caught.

Find the smoking areas at the airport

If you want to vape before or after the flight or during a layover, make sure that you do it only in the smoking areas at the airport. You can do some research to find whether the airport has a smoking area and find its location before you reach there. You can expect many airports not to have them at all, so it is better not to vape there to be on the safe side.

Traveling with your vaping gear is not a big deal as long as you follow the rules. It will not take much effort, but go a long way to ensure a safe and stress-free flight to your destination.

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