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You have finally found your soul mate and you really want to sweep them off their feet this Valentine’s Day. Follow these simple steps to plan out the most perfect Valentine’s day picnic.

How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Picnic

If your significant other finds picnics so romantic, then what would be the perfect Valentine’s Day plan? Your picnic needs to be well thought out in the perfect spot, with great food and drinks, flowers, soft blankets, and music. You really want to wow your partner, and here are some ideas to help.

valentine's day picnic

The Perfect Spot

The first thing you will want to consider when planning the perfect Valentine’s Day picnic is your location. Imagine yourself driving up to your date’s house in a nice clean car, perfected with Shine Armor. They walk out looking as pretty as a picture, and you head to your favorite romantic spot. 

Maybe you live by the ocean or the mountains and know a great place to watch the sunset. Perhaps you have a favorite park that you go to together. Wherever you choose to go, let it be special to the both of you with a great view and not too crowded. This will really set the tone for the rest of the evening. 

Have a friend set everything up for you, so you and your date do not have to worry about carrying everything and setting up. This will save time and let you enjoy your night to the fullest. Having everything already set up can also be a cute way to surprise your date with all that you have planned.

valentine's day picnic

Pick your Food and Beverage 

Some may argue that good food and drink outweighs the perfect spot but on Valentine’s Day you want every aspect to be perfect. If you are a great cook, making a wonderful meal is definitely romantic. 

Have fun looking over recipes that will be good to make ahead of time and will be easy enough to eat on a Valentine’s Day picnic. However, if cooking is not your thing, do not worry, Goldbelly may be a good option for you. This website has a huge variety of different meals and desserts specifically designed for Valentine’s Day. 

Choose between things like gourmet steaks, heart-shaped pizza and pasta, and beautiful love-inspired desserts. Have it shipped right to your door and be ready to impress your date. If you want to go really fancy for your date buy caviar or maybe Lobster for a special treat. Click here for more delightful lobster meal ideas.

valentine's day picnic

Once you settle on what food you want to serve, now it is time to plan out your drinks. Perhaps you both love a specific wine or cocktail that you could bring. Champaign is also fun for special holidays. If you would prefer not to drink, you could go for your favorite or maybe try something new. 

There are fun seltzer waters with lots of flavors to choose from or you could try an alternative to soda like Vina, the smarter way to drink soda. They will be nice and refreshing and the perfect addition to your meal.

Bring out the nice dishes and leave the paper and plastic for another time. You want every aspect of the evening to be perfect.

valentine's day picnic

The Flowers

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like everlasting roses. Roses symbolize love and beauty and have become the staple Valentine’s Day flower. They come in different colors, arrangements, vases, boxes, or petals to scatter all over the floor and bed. 

This would definitely add a very romantic element to your Valentine’s Day picnic. Scatter the petals around where you are sitting, bring some vases full of roses and some candles for the ultimate romantic setup. Be sure to remember your soft blankets and pillows to lounge on since the ground may not be super comfortable.

valentine's day picnic

The Music 

Some background music is the next thing on the list. Bring along your Bluetooth speaker or maybe even your whole record set up with your favorite jazz records for the ultimate romantic night. 

Imagine yourself in your favorite spot with your favorite person, dancing the night away under the stars. This sounds like something straight out of a movie that will give you a Valentine’s Day picnic to remember.

valentine's day picnic

Bring Your Best Friend

This may sound like a weird third-wheeling situation, but that would be very weird. Think furry with four legs. Animals make everything better and what better addition to a romantic night than to bring your dog along. 

Get your furry friend their own Valentine’s Day gift with a new dog collar set. Choose from a variety of styles and colors, and have your pet looking good with a new matching collar and leash set. 

You can even get a cute bag to match to hold your doggy bags and treats. This will make bringing your dog along much easier and convenient. Bring their favorite toy to keep them busy and let them enjoy the evening in the great outdoors. 

valentine's day picnic

Some Fun Activities

It may be a good idea to plan out some romantic activities to make the evening fun. There are plenty of fun games for couples to play to get to know each other better. This can prompt you to ask deeper questions to get to know each other better and to ensure you never run out of interesting things to talk about. 

Maybe bring along a polaroid camera and some notecards. Snap some pictures together and of each other and write down special things that you love about each other. Make note of any of your favorite memories together or anything else that is special to you as a couple. 

After the evening is over, gather all your pictures and notecards and put them together in a scrapbook devoted to the memories you share together. Add to your scrapbook whenever you get a chance so you have plenty of pictures and memories to look back on.

valentine's day picnic


Another way to show your love is by taking the time to pick out the perfect gift. Spend some time thinking about the things your partner loves and what would really show them how much you care. On this particular holiday, things like jewelry, flowers, and desserts are the most common. 

Maybe you could pick out some perfume or cologne that you think they would like, the perfect outfit to wear to your picnic, or maybe something a little more comfortable for after your Valentine’s Day picnic. This is the holiday for romance so save the less romantic gifts for another time.

valentine's day picnic

A Valentine’s Day to Remember

If picnics are your date’s thing, then hopefully this will be one for the ages. They will feel loved and valued knowing that you took the time to plan out every single detail with thoughtfulness and care to make sure they have a great night. 

Little things like picking their favorite spot, bringing along their favorite foods, drinks, and desserts, picking out their favorite flowers and music, and spending the evening staring into each other’s eyes under the stars will sweep them off their feet and straight into your arms. 

It is nice to feel seen and feel understood by the person you are with. This will show them you are paying attention to all the special things that make them who they are. 

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