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A belt sander is a versatile tool that allows you to complete various tasks effortlessly and within jiffies. Here's a guide on how to use a belt sander.

What Is a Belt Sander Used For? An Ultimate Belt Sander Amazon Guide

You can make redesigning your home a simple and fun activity by using the right set of tools. Tools not only make your jobs simple but quick too. A belt sander is one of such versatile tools that allow you to complete various tasks effortlessly and within jiffies.

You may be familiar with a belt sander if you ever work with wood. However, the best belt sanders are not limited to woodwork only. Did you know? You can use it for multiple purposes, in various situations, and get so much out of this efficient device. We can actually say that the best belt sander is an essential tool for your shop and home as well. 

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Let’s take a look at what we have put together for you! 

Belt Sander Uses 

A belt sander, aka strip sander, is mainly used for sanding, shaping, refinishing, and smoothening wooden things. However, you can also use it with other materials and in many different situations. Here is a list of applications in which a belt sander can be used for performing certain activities. 

Prepare Wood for Work

As mentioned earlier, a belt sander is an excellent tool for woodworking projects. It makes your task simple and allows you to prepare your wood for hand-crafting or craving out various components. It is quite handy with pine, cherry, walnut, and maple. 

Remove Paint & Old Finish 

An electronic bel sander is also excelled in removing excess materials, thickly covered paint, or any other finish. It also eliminates the saw marks and makes your material whether wood or metal smoother and softer and quickly restore their appearance. 

Scribing & Sanding 

It is one of the main uses of belt sanders. You can scribe (transferring a profile directly onto wooden pieces) and sand wooden surfaces to give them a smooth texture and perfect fit. A stationary belt sander is also useful to sand smaller wood or metal pieces. 

Level Uneven Surfaces

Don’t despair with uneven surfaces! you can smooth out and level-off uneven surfaces you want to use in your projects. You can effortlessly level the rough textures of many materials including wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, and others. 

Refinish Furniture

This is the one thing in which a belt sander works like a pro. Your wooden furniture may lose its glossiness or get stains over time. A belt sander transforms the look of your outdoor and indoor furniture and gives them a brand-new feel. You can refinish the exterior of wooden furniture and even metal tables with it. 

Rust Removal from Metals

You can use a belt sander for accomplishing small metal sanding jobs. Use coarser sandpaper (80-100 grit) for removing thicker rust. Otherwise, a finer grit works great to smooth out the metal workpieces. You can also opt for a metal belt sander to do the job perfectly. 

Fix Flaws

Moving further, a belt sander also can fix issues and flaws in many materials. You can fix:

  • Sticky and swollen doors.
  • Swollen windows.
  • Awkwardly-textured exteriors.
  • Divots and scratches.  

Tool Sharpening 

You can use a clamped belt sander for sharpening small tools including chisels, scissors, and knives. An upright belt sander is a great choice for the job. However, you can also use a portable belt sander to do the job. 

Round & Shape

A belt sander machine helps you to shape and create soft rounded edges of flat wooden pieces with minimal effort. You can also add decorative details to your furniture such as the chair’s arm, table corners, and headrest of a bed. 


A small belt sander is a perfect tool for cabinetry especially when you want to do the sanding for repainting and re-staining your cabinets. 

Refinish Decks

A belt sander is a decent choice to refinish your deck. Must ensure the type of wood from which the deck is made of as a belt sander can chip softwoods. A belt sander can cover large deck areas quickly and work great on its columns and edges. However, the total time for the job depends on the deck’s size. 

Sand Concrete

Next, you can use a belt sander to sand and smooth out concrete by shaving down its roughest parts. We recommend a diamond-grit belt for better sanding results. 

Grind Non-ferrous Metals

A belt sander can be used with fairly soft metals to avoid and reduce their tendency to clog.  

Art & Crafts (DIY)

A portable belt sander or a cordless belt sander is quite handy for many DIY crafting and art projects. But be careful and wear proper safety gear while working with this versatile power tool. 

Never Use a Belt Sander……

The belt sander is a versatile power tool that you can use in unlimited applications. However, it is best suited for rapid material removal and never be used for the following:

  • To work on plywood.
  • For finishing touches or finishing workpieces. 
  • In interior corners. 


Is a belt sander better for rough work or finish work?

A belt sander works well for removing excess materials quickly. An orbital sander or finishing sander works better for finishing tasks. 

Are Bosch belt sanders good?

Bosch belt sanders are high-quality appliances that work great for home DIYers and small projects. They don’t last for longer in professional settings. 

What is the best speed for a belt sander? 

The optimal speed depends on various factors including grit grade and material of workpieces. Generally, an ideal and safe speed in most cases is 3000 SFPM (surface feet per minute). 

What should I look for when buying a belt sander? 

Apart from belt sander uses, take the following considerations while buying a belt sander for your tools chest: 

  • Sander’s weight
  • Belt Sander’s size
  • Materials to work with
  • Build quality and materials 
  • Price
  • User reviews

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, a belt sander is a great tool to add to your arsenal and equally beneficial for contractors and homeowners. Be sure to wear your safety gear and complete numerous jobs in your house or shop with this handy tool.

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