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In the past ten years, there has been a change seen in the transportation sector. How can we make Uber and Lyft safer after numerous assaults?

Safety Protocols: What Uber & Lyft are Doing to Prevent Assaults

In the past ten years, there has been a change seen in the transportation sector, with ride-sharing platforms emerging. The taxis that are seen on the road are mostly replaced by Uber and Lyft, which are taking over the game. 

It has become so easy just to use a mobile app and select the pickup and destination location in order to get wherever you want to.                

The convenience factor that comes with riding on Uber and Lyft is undeniably great, and the number of employment options that these services have come up with is insane. But one of the major concerns of people, despite loving the service, is the safety protocols.   

The Uber & Lyft Sexual Assault Lawyer, however, can help you understand the dynamics on which they work. 

Understanding the Safety Concerns

With the rapid growth of ride-sharing platforms, safety has become one of the biggest growing concerns of many people. Some of the concerns are mentioned below:

Driver’s Background: One of the first concerns that comes to mind is how much a driver is vetted. Also, one of the thoughts is whether the drivers trust the person they picked, i.e., the passenger. 

Data Privacy: These apps ask for information that is quite personal to people. From their name to their contact information, there is a great concern that arises here.

Accountability: If a mishap happens or something goes wrong during the ride, how responsive is the team? Here comes the accountability of the platform, which is of great importance to the passengers. 

Potential Assault: A lot of people, when they have to share a space with a stranger in a confined car, feel uncomfortable, and there can be increased chances of getting assaulted or harassed.           

Steps taken by Uber and Lyft

There have been safety measures taken by both Uber and Lyft in their capacities to ensure the safety of the riders. They keep a check on several factors like: 

Driver Identification: The safety features and the tools integrated into the app can significantly help. You can look at the driver’s pictures, the number plate of the car he is driving, and the number of rides he has taken in the past, which increases his credibility.

Share Ride: This is one of the app’s best features. The rider can simply share his ride with someone, and they can keep track of the person in the Roberto to see where they are on the map. 

GPS Tracking: Uber and Lyft can keep track of the car, when it is going, and where it is riding on the road due to the GPS tracker in the cvehicle 

Driver’s Rating: One of the best things on the app is the review and the raying of the drivers. This can help you understand the demeanor of the driver when you are about to ride with them. 

Insurance Coverage: Uber and Lyft do have an insurance policy that can cover the damages for both the driver and the passenger. This does help in ensuring both the passenger and the driver have the safety that they deserve. 

Partnership And Technology: Uber and Lyft are also willing to discuss their current safety measures with other companies that are looking for partnerships. Here, it can use AI technology to make the handling of incidents better.

Safety Education: There is a lot of safety education that can be seen on the app. This can be in the form of videos or demos that can help in navigating through the incidents that might occur. This also does help in getting a clearer picture of the safety measures offered by these applications. 

The Role of Law Enforcement

Uber and Lyft can collaborate with law enforcement and can make the chances of assault cases a lot lower. Uber and Lyft can further provide your data on the incident to law enforcement. This can be the driver’s information, as well as the data of the ride. 

The users are given full benefit here because they can report safety incidents to law enforcement through the applications of Lyft and Uber. This makes it a lot easier for the authorities to navigate through the case and the incident without the involvement of any other party.     


Uber and Lyft have been on the scene for quite some time now. They have been serving the targeted audience with what they want. But, the concerns that come with these services are also legitimate. These are to be taken care of by the service-providing companies to make sure that their customers are happy and satisfied. So, it is important to address these incidents and even make law enforcement a part of them to keep the transparency intact.   

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