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Taking care of your sound system can be a daunting task. Check out our tips for making sure that your turntable setup delivers the best sound possible.

How To Take Care Of Your Turntable Setup

There is something unique about the sound quality of the turntable setup. One thing is for sure, and you want a good quality sound that doesn’t have crackles, pops, or muffed hums. Better still, it should produce natural beats and deliver a good flow of music. Regardless of why you choose to use a turntable set, the sound quality of your vinyl collection is crafted through the ages. 

Because of advancements in technology, you can also use it at home to listen to your favorite tunes. If you have a turntable set, you are most probably aware of how tweaking every facet can bring subtle changes. After deciding which among Crosley Cruiser vs Voyager is the better option for you, it is now time to learn how you can get the best sound quality from your chosen turntable set. Here is how to take care of your turntable setup.

Ensure the record player is level

As you play your records, ensure it lies in a horizontal position against the turntable. You can do it by placing your equipment on the floor or a flat surface. If it’s not leveled, it can lead to fluctuations that can damage or morph the disc. 

It’s worth noting that some turntable models have tiny legs which you can adjust to attain the correct balance. Even with a flat surface, you can use a spirit level to ensure that the sound quality won’t be distorted.

Do not place it near the speakers

The turntable records have tiny ridges along the grooves. When the stylus passes through these ridges, it creates vibrations in the cartridge that generates electric signals along the arm’s wires. 

These signals are amplified and subsequently turn into sounds via the speakers. It’s worth noting that sound is made of tiny molecules that vibrate through the air. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep the turntable away from the speakers to distort the sound.

Keep the records clean

A record can quickly gather dust, oil, dirt, and smudges over time, affecting the quality of the sound. It’s vital to clean the records regularly to boost the quality of the sound and improve the durability of the vinyl records. To clean the records properly, you’ll need to use a soft brush to remove the tiny dust particles. 

Then, use a record cleaner solution to remove fingerprint marks or smudges. Finally, you can wipe with a clean microfiber cloth and rinse with clean water. Keep it to dry for one or two days and store in a sleeve.

Get rid of static

Stasis can occur during cold and dry weather. However, you can use an anti-static gun to get rid of static from the vinyl records. Using this small equipment is easy. Simply position it horizontally on the upper side of the vinyl ring. Then press the trigger at least three times until all the static is gone.

Using a record clamp

Records differ in many ways. For example, some are slightly curved while others wrap up with time. To even out, you can use a record clamp to ensure the records stay in good shape for better quality sounds. A record clam also ensures the pressure between the disc and stylus is consistent.

Ensure there’s consistency between speed and tracking force

Tracking force is the amount of pressure produced by the stylus. You can check the turntable cartridge to determine if it’s within range. When you set the tracking force, you can now adjust. It’s worth noting that choosing the wrong speed can cause the songs to move in slow motion.

Customize your speaker system

Typical normal music comprises finer details which makes it impossible to reproduce in recordings. For this reason, most people prefer live performances because they look more appealing and have high-quality music. Even better, top-notch speakers register quality beats even at high volume. 

However, the speakers determine the volume. Quite too often, most turntable sets have built-in speakers. However, these are limited in terms of the subtle notes they produce. Therefore, to amplify, you may want to consider adding an external speaker. Also, for high performance, especially at home, you can experience full range when you add other enhancements such as mid-range speakers, subwoofers, and tweeters.

Change the stylus

A turntable set comes with many accessories, including the stylus, which is the major key. The tip of the stylus can wear and tear due to regular use. When this happens, the highs may start disappearing and may damage the records. It can distort the records, and at this point, you may want to replace the stylus. Consider a quality brand like Jico stylus.

Have a protector case

To ensure your turntable set stays in good condition for many years, you can use a protector case. It helps in covering the vinyl records and prevents dirt as well as dirt from settling on its surface. 


As you can see, a turntable set requires proper care for it to last for a lifetime. You can apply the above tips to keep the records in good condition.

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