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An unsightly tree stump can ruin your whole landscape. Check out everything you need to know about tree stump removal such as services and equipment.

A complete guide to tree stump removal

Tree stumps are usually the part of a tree that is left after the tree has been removed. They are usually difficult to remove and would need special equipment to get rid of. This guide provides complete information on tree stumps.

Types of methods to remove tree stumps

  1. Stump grinding: Stump grinding is a very thorough and fast method of removing tree stumps. Grinding involves special machines that go underground and chew up the roots and trunk into pieces. It is recommended to use a professional tree removal contractor for this process as it usually needs experience and expertise. With professional tree removal contractors, it could take just minutes. Whether small or big, stump removal projects are perfectly handled by professional contractors.
  2. Stump removal with a backhoe: Professional tree removal Louisville contractors also remove tree stumps by using a backhoe. This method can easily disturb the landscape of your home. It also makes a mess of your compound. You should dispose of the tree stump once it is completely removed.
  3. Chemical methods: This tree removal method involves the use of chemicals to initiate tree stump decomposition. This method is a process that takes a lot of time. In some states like Oregon, the chemical used for the process can be declared illegal. The use of the chemical method for stump removal is largely a DIY method. However, homeowners can choose to hire contractors to help execute the process with their professional procedures.

Stump removal: The perfect location for new plants

When you remove a tree stump, it serves as the perfect location to plant new plants and flowers.  The remnants of the stump will easily mix up with the topsoil to form the right soil type to help increase the nutrients in the soil. There are many benefits that your stump removal spot can do to vegetables, tubers, flowers, or grass.

5 reasons you need to remove tree stumps from your properties

Tree removal Louisville contractors are usually hired to get rid of trees for the following reasons:

  1. Eyesore landscape: Trees are a beautiful addition to homes and offices. However, when the tree is finally gone, it can be such an eyesore to look at the stump it leaves behind. Most commercial, school and residential property owners find the sight of a stump in their property awful.
  2. Tripping hazard: Schools and private properties have children running around the compound. Any tree stumps can cause a tripping hazard.
  3. New shoots: If you leave tree stumps around your home or property, you could easily have new shoots sprouting out of them. New shoots do not pose any harm but only appear if you have tree stumps lying around.

  1. Tool damage: You can easily damage your tools if you have tree stumps around. Equipment like lawnmowers can end up getting damaged if they run over tree stumps in the process of clearing the grass in your compound.
  2. Spread diseases: If you got rid of a tree in your home because of insect infestation or diseases, it is not sufficient to dispose of the trees alone. You need to also remove the stumps to get rid of insects and diseases.

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