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There are many ways that your mechanic can scam you. We'll tell you how to avoid being scammed by rogue transmission repair shops and other tips.

Tips to Avoid Rip-Offs at Transmission Repair Centers


Whether it is a 9G Tronic or a 7G Tronic, a Mercedes Benz Automatic transmission is responsible for ensuring that the right power reaches your wheels to enable you to drive at the speed you have chosen. The good news is that keeping your car’s transmission working properly isn’t difficult. With regular fluid changes and checks, and using it properly, it shouldn’t cost you a fortune to repair your transmission. But problems do happen, and sometimes you end up with a faulty transmission. The most logical thing you will do is have your car checked by a mechanic. 

However, there are many ways that your mechanic can scam you. In this article, we tell you how to avoid being scammed by rogue transmission repair shops. Continue reading to learn more.

Avoid Centers that give you a Quote over the Phone.

Without first assessing the car, how would a mechanic know what the problem is and even give you a quote? This is one of the most common signs that you are about to be scammed. If a transmission repair shop gives you a quote without visually inspecting your car, you need to stay away from such technicians. 

Do lots of Research Online.

Nowadays, it doesn’t take a smart person to find out about a business’s reputation. Thanks to Google reviews, forums, Facebook, and Yelp, it is very easy to unmask a scam company. These will give you plenty of information about the experiences of other users who have been working with this company. Some of the things that these reviews help to unearth include the fairness of prices, level of customer service, quality of transmission services, expertise to fix a 9G Tronic or 7G Tronic transmission, and whether they use genuine parts and services. Therefore, spend some time online to get a transmission repair shop you can trust to deliver high-quality services and give you value for your money. 

Evaluate the repair shop’s visual presentation

First impressions are critical not only in daily life but also on the business front. What do you see when you first enter a repair shop’s compound? Are they neat and well organized? Do you get a feel of professionalism about them? These are some of the signs that the repair shop you are about to hire means business.

You also want to check if the shop is affiliated with a professional association like ASA, ATSG, and ATRA. By belonging to these bodies, the company commits to meet certain standards of operation. This increases the chances that you will be served well. 

Don’t Choose a Service Center because it offers the Cheapest Prices

The guiding principle when choosing a mechanic for your 9G Tronic automatic transmission is to go with a center that guarantees true quality. That is the only way your vehicle will endure and last. A good company will decide its rates based on the quality of parts it uses, warranty, and extra services it may offer. Instead of looking for the cheapest rate, ask your mechanic to break down the cost component. A service center may appear to charge expensively now but it may be a lot cheaper in the long run.

Get References

Sometimes, all it takes to get the best quality/price ratio is to ask around and talk to the people in your circle like your friends and relatives who already own a Mercedes. Chances are that they may already know someone to fix your transmission, saving you great trouble.

Be present during the diagnostic process

If possible, never miss the checkup. This is a great time to see the attitude of the mechanic. More importantly, it enables you to see the scanner readings for error codes. 

Read the computer diagnostics results

It is the error codes revealed at the scanning that will enable you to have a sense of what’s ailing your transmission. It also gives you a clear picture of what you will have to pay at the end of the service. If you are unsure about the prices that these error codes represent, you can talk with other mechanics to understand the required repair prices and measures.

Insist on the dismantling of your 7G Tronic Gear Box during the Repair Process

A transmission repair job cannot possibly be done without the automatic gearbox being first dismantled. Therefore, observe the state of assembling the gearbox elements. You are advised to be present during the pan removal process.

After the end of your vehicle’s inspection, read the written estimates document carefully 

After the completion of the diagnostic test, the technician of the shop should know fully the causes of failure in your car. All the issues plus the cost to repair each of them will be indicated clearly in a written estimate document. It is recommended that get the document and carefully read it before you sign between the dotted lines. Any good transmission repair shop will have this as standard practice. Thus, you will be able to see the whole range of services that will be provided to you. 

Be wary of mechanics that promise to get your vehicle back on the road within 1 day.

Few things are more time-consuming and complex than gearbox repair. It is nearly impossible that the process can be finished that quickly. You need to be mentally prepared to wait for longer and make arrangements of moving without your car for some days.

Verify if the warranty is still valid

If your Mercedes Benz has run a low mileage or is still new, check the powertrain warranty before visiting a transmission repair shop. Check if it covers the issue that your transmission has. 


Transmission repair scams are nothing new. Mechanics everywhere are just angling to get your business, but not all of them have your best interest at heart. To get a good transmission repair shop, a little research will be needed. By sticking to the above tips, you will increase the chances of getting the correct guy. 

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