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Shy dogs or feral dogs: the best way of training them

There are multiple techniques you can employ for helping shy dogs or feral dogs overcome behavioral problems. Remember that the new member of your family needs proper care and training. They are fresh to the environment and unique to the household atmosphere. Hence, it’s your responsibility to help your feral or shy dog overcome behavioral issues and become better accustomed to the home environment. 

The main aim of these techniques is to show the new species that human beings are a provider and valuable resource. You have to ensure that there is better coordination between every member of the family and the latest member of the family. When using these methods, you have to ensure that the dog gets freedom and interacts with the other members of the household. Some shy or feral dogs progress and gain confidence when interacting with other dogs. However, some like to be trained alone. The difference is a well-established fact. 

Significant steps to follow

There are a few points to keep in mind when training. As a pocket bully dog owner, it is your responsibility to understand the dog’s behavior. Along with this, you must understand the available options of dog trainers in your locality. You may take the help of online media and offline sources to help grab the best option. Along with this, the following steps stand significant: 

  • Train the dog to get their food on a regular schedule, every day. The dog must realize that the food will appear at a particular time. Moreover, train the dogs to remove their food bowl after each meal. The more the dog gets accustomed to the eating pattern, the better the behavior will be. 
  • Watch to see whether the dog eats in your presence. There is no need to hand feed the dog. Remember that you have to train the dogs so that they become self-sufficient. For this, you must ensure that they eat when they get the sign from you, eat when you are present in the room, and stop eating when you give them a gesture. 
  • When the dog is comfortable eating by having you next to them, you may offer hand-feeding. However, the dog must not get accustomed to hand feeding. The dog may like your assistance but getting dependent on you is not an option. Hence, it is here that you need the help of professional dog trainers. 

The experienced dog trainers at Ridgeside K9 Summerville Dog Training know when to hand-feed the dog and isolate them with their eating bowl. By continuing to offer them the food of their choice, you will spoil them in the long run. Hence, only a trained dog trainer understands the best technique at the most appropriate time. 

  • Use reward–behavior technique. When the dog behaves appropriately, you have to reward the dog with a treat. On the other hand, if the species does not show appropriate behavior, you cannot disgust the species. You have to show them what appropriate behavior is. 

Along with this, you have to use effective techniques for training the dog. If your dog is a shy species, they will fear people around. Hence, dog trainers use multiple approaches to train the dog for introducing good behavior. 

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