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One of the main components of the best 5-star lodges are its illustrious persian rugs. Luckily, here's the top five you can have yourself!

The Best Persian Rugs for 5 Star Lodges

5 star lodges are defined by an artistic sense of old-world grandeur and elegance, a beauty which is mirrored in the antique Persian rug.

For this reason, several 5 star lodges have begun to include Persian rugs into both their permanent lodges and high-end entertainment areas

In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the most sought-after and coveted Persian rugs, which are perfect for sprucing up 5 star lodges lodges.

1. Qum Rugs

These beautiful rugs are produced in the Qum region of Iran. The rugs made in Qum are among the finest in the world.

They are all expertly knotted, have a plush silk or cotton pile, and include intricate designs like flowers, birds, medallions, hunting scenes, and gardens in shades of navy, rust, and orange.

2.Balouchi Rugs

Large Balouchi rugs are unusual because their nomadic tribal origins make them harder to source.

Woven from sheep wool that has been dyed either blue or dark red, these carpets feature straightforward geometric designs. The edgings may be a beige or brown color and are made of camel or goat hair.

3. Mashad Rugs

Traditional Mashad carpets have a single, gigantic Shah Abbasi medallion set against a densely flowery, curving backdrop. These rugs for sale are often many feet in diameter and made of wool with a cotton foundation.

4. Sarouk Rugs

The carpets from the region of Sarouk are known for their fine compact weaving, muted colour palette, and elaborate medallion designs. Sarouk rugs are versatile and beautiful, perfect for every area in the lodge (both large and small). They can be used in either a modern or classic setting.

5. Nain Rugs

Nain rugs are high-quality because they are hand-knotted with 300-700 knots per square inch of very fine-grade wool. Designs are often intricately intertwined blue or green branches with tiny flowers on a white or light ivory background.

6. Kashan Rugs

Kashan rugs have a floral medallion and corner design that sets them apart from other types of rugs. Typically, dark blues, rich reds, and white are used as the primary colours, with accents of yellow, green, and flaming orange.

7. Heriz Rugs

These various sorts of Heriz Persian rugs that are available for purchase are distinguished by carpets that have colours that are vivid and brilliant and dramatic designs.

A massive medallion will always be found in the middle of a Heriz rug, and it will always have a double or triple outline, as well as huge corner pieces, and it will always have a double or triple border. These rugs have an exceptionally long lifespan and will be passed down through many generations.

8. Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz, the capital and one of the oldest rug weaving centers in the region, is where all tabriz rugs for sale in Azerbaijan are made. They have a cotton or silk warp and a wool or wool/silk pile.

The patterns incorporate a wide variety of motifs, including teardrop medallions, flowers, trees, and hunting scenes. The only places to find authentic, antique Tabriz rugs are in carefully curated museum collections and private homes.

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