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Top 5 CSGO Coinflip Sites in 2024: Quickest Payouts and Most Trusted Sites

Every person on earth has probably bet on something with a coin flip at some point in their lives. Last piece of pizza? Just flip a coin. It’s beautifully simple and something everyone always has nearby. 

So it would make sense that there would be tons of CSGO coin flip sites, but as we found out, they’re actually very hard to find. We checked out 40 sites and only found five that have a coin flip game, so we’ve compiled every one of them here and rated them from our favorite to ones we didn’t particularly like.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: Online Payment Opportunities

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: Online Payment Opportunities

Best CS:GO CoinFlip Sites

  1. CSGOROll: USE CODE – “gamble-csgo”
  2. CSGOEMPIRE: USE CODE – “top100list”
  3. Clash.GG: USE CODE – “hellagood”
  4. DuelBits: USE CODE – “infotoplist”
  5. / USE CODE – “hellagood”

Best CS2 / CSGO Coinflip Sites

  1. CSGORoll

Our Rating: 5/5

CSGORoll is a CSGO gambling site, but it is one of the best gambling sites with a CS:GO games theme. As the name implies, CS:GO ROll is for betting with CS:GO skins.


  • Chat room
  • Coinflip and Jackpot games
  • Great animations


  • Very fast payouts
  • Easy to link with Steam and move items
  • Deposit and withdrawal with skins
  • CS:GO skins
  • Not many users
  • Can be hard to find a game

While it doesn’t have as many players as before, it still has enough people that it’s easy to join a game at any time. It’s also one of the fastest payout sites we know of with only a two to five minute delay before the items are added to your account.

  1. Tips for Achieving Success in the Cryptocurrency Industry


Our Rating: 4.5/5

CSGOEmpire is one of the most popular CSGO betting sites on the internet. It just so happens that it recently added a coin flip game giving it a whopping total of two game types now. The new coin flip game looks nice with a custom CS:GO themed coin animation. One side of the coin shows knives and the other shows a defuser tool.


  • Tons of ways to deposit
  • Chat rooms in several languages
  • Withdrawal balance as skins for different games or crypto


  • Lots of users
  • Easy to use
  • Cool looking coin animation
  • Active chat rooms
  • Only two types of games
  • Limited selection of skins for withdrawal

The website also has a roulette mode as well as match betting. For depositing, CSGOEmpire accepts more forms of payment than any other site we’ve seen including skins for CSGO, Rust as well as credit cards and even bitcoin. 

Withdrawal is also open-ended with the option to receive some skins or withdraw your balance as bitcoin. The site is very well populated with around 2500 users online at a time and a very active chat room.

  1. Clash.GG

Our Rating: 4.5/5

For those who want to jump right into some quick coin flip games Clash.GG is a great option. It’s a simple site where you can deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrency through CoinPayments.


  • Several game types
  • Daily bonus coins
  • Clean looking website


  • Withdrawal as crypto
  • Easy to find and join games
  • Quick games and coinflip
  • Fewer users
  • No chatroom
  • Requires crypto deposit

There’s no chat room but there are typically around 50 users online at a time and just enough open games to jump into at any time.

  1. DuelBits

Our Rating: 4/5

Duelbits used to be a CS:GO gambling website but in 2018 changed to a totally free betting site. If you ever reach zero coins it automatically gives you a cool 50 to start betting again right away.


  • Withdrawal VGO skins
  • 7 game types
  • Free coins


  • Totally free
  • Tons of games
  • Simple layout
  • No chat
  • Not many players
  • Only has VGO skins

These coins can be used to get VGO skins. These are special skins generated with a blockchain so each one is genuinely unique.


Our Rating: 4/5

The last site on our list is While the site looks nice, that’s only the case when it works. The site is buggy and many of the pages on the site, including the FAQ, are completely broken. Use code for 25 Cash + 250,000 Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback.


  • Chat Room
  • Three different games
  • Bet with skins or gift cards and prizes


  • Decent number of users
  • Site looks good when it works
  • Win prizes like gift cards
  • Not many coinflip players

To make matters worse, there are not many people on the site who play the coin flip game. It can be hard to find a match and, more often than not, people are betting with prizes and gift cards rather than skins. 

Lucky Patcher APKWhat is CSGO Coinflip?

CSGO coinflip is a simple game that mostly relies on pure luck. It’s as simple as the name implies. You and the person you’re against each bet something and the winner of the coin toss gets the spoils.

In the 40 sites we tested, only five had a coin flip game. Of those five, CSGORoll was easily the best. It had thousands of people online, active chat rooms in several languages, quick payouts and tons of ways to deposit and withdraw.

Best strategies to win

Unfortunately, the odds of winning a coinflip are almost always 50/50. Typically, there is no strategy that can improve your odds. That said, some sites give slightly better odds if you bet a larger sum than the other person, so it’s important to check the FAQ on each site for this information.


With the growing popularity of coinflip games we hope to see more CSGO coinflip sites popping up in the future. Sadly, today we only have five to work with. Hopefully this guide has made it easier for you to find the right Counter Strike betting site for you, because even finding these five wasn’t easy for us.


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