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Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

If you are looking to begin your career in entrepreneurship, or you simply want to build your entrepreneurial skills, you may want to hear a few of our favorite tips. The road to entrepreneurial success can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to make progress on your own. But are there tips that can help you move forward quickly and grow healthily?

There are many different resources that you can access, but some information is always going to be better than others. For example, advice from a business and entrepreneur expert like Carter Reum will be far better than tips from a layperson just starting out in their entrepreneurial career. If you’re interested in hearing our top tips for improving as an entrepreneur, please continue reading. You’ll also be able to read our complete breakdown of each of these suggestions.

Join an Entrepreneur Community

If you’re just getting started in learning about entrepreneurialism and business tactics, it may be helpful to join a community. Often, joining a community of like-minded individuals helps everyone grow more quickly and healthily, keeping everyone motivated and peer-supported during every step of the process.

One of the best communities you can join as an entrepreneur hopeful is available through M13, an investment company that was founded by Carter Reum. Carter Reum started M13 to invest in companies and causes he believes have the potential to grow, but another feature of the company is the community environment.

M13 is comprised of entrepreneurial and business experts, including Carter Reum, who are interested in helping entrepreneurs and companies move forward quickly and powerfully. This fast and healthy growth is quite impressive, and joining the M13 community might help you learn to utilize tips that could give you similar levels of growth.

You can learn from peers, entrepreneurs and business experts, and Carter Reum himself. This community gives you access to a handbook chocked full of tips and tricks that have proven successful across numerous businesses and industries, meaning you’ll be led through every step of your entrepreneurial journey for as long as you need. This also gives you the flexibility to move forward and learn at your own speed, which is excellent if you want to ensure that you have a complete understanding before moving on.

M13 is also an investing company, meaning Carter Reum and his team invest in companies they believe have great and world-changing potential. Depending on your position and experience, you can start a partnership with the M13 team. However, in a worst-case scenario, you will always be able to join a strong and growing community of enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Read Books About Entrepreneurship Frequently

We’re also big proponents of reading literature from industry experts whenever possible, including books about entrepreneurial success from experienced business people. Books and literature allow you to read and learn at your own pace and in your free time, meaning you’re allowed to take part in your entrepreneurial education as necessary. This even allows you to enjoy the learning process on a more personal and self-satisfying level.

One of our favorite books about entrepreneurship and business growth is Shortcut to Your Startup: Ten Ways to Speed Up Entrepreneurial Success. The book was written by Carter Reum and his brother, Courtney Reum. Both Random House and Penguin Books released the book of entrepreneurial tips in 2018, giving access of helpful information to a massive readership.

The book contains stories and experiences from both of the brothers, who founded their own alcohol brand and had to get creative with the growth process. In addition to sharing how they grew VEEV Spirits, they also give several tips about investing based on their own experiences. The brothers both invested in numerous large and successful companies, including SpaceX, Pinterest, Warby Parker, and Lyft.

These two brothers know a significant amount about entrepreneurial success, and they’ve been kind enough to collect their most vital pieces of advice into a convenient book. This is a great way to get started if you’re looking to grow your business and increase your entrepreneurial skillset. Additionally, if you want to join the M13 community, this book can give you the foundational building blocks to get started on the right foot.

Both M13 and the book are focused on building entrepreneurial success quickly and effectively, allowing many laypeople to start solid and growing careers far more quickly. All you have to do is pick up the book, give it the time of day, and be willing to learn. Carter Reum has given you the tools to grow as quickly as you would like.


Are you interested in growing your entrepreneurial skills quickly? You’re certainly not alone. However, there are several resources available and at your disposal, as long as you’re willing to sit down and learn. If you are interested in learning from business experts and boosting your entrepreneurial success, we hope you found some of our favorite suggestions helpful. You can grow quickly and with longevity, as many industry experts have made their skills and secrets readily available.

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