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What if you had an umbrella that could tilt with the sun? Here's why you need the tilting cantilever umbrella.

Block the Sun Effectively with the Tilting Cantilever Umbrella

Imagine a summer weekend. You are enjoying your drink with some friends in the garden, or perhaps having fun by the pool. As the day progresses, the sun tilts to the west and begins to scorch you with its rays. That sounds nasty! What if you had an umbrella that could tilt with the sun? Well, that’s where the tilting cantilever umbrella steps in. It is your personal guard from the sun. Let’s see how.

Full circle protection

A regular printed outdoor umbrella has a fixed canopy that cannot be rotated around a mast or tilted relative to the position of the sun. But a heavy duty cantilever patio umbrella has an ergonomic design that addresses this problem and solves it with aplomb. It normally has a telescopic arm attached to a mast. The arm along with the canopy can be swung around a full 360 degrees to match the position of the sun. The canopy can also be tilted at different angles so that it blocks out the sun entirely. That’s what we call a smart and simple solution! 

Freeing up space

The centre-stand of a regular printed outdoor umbrella can come in the way of everything – from furniture to intimate conversations. Unless you want to look at the centre-stand as a decorative piece, you might want to do away with it altogether. 

Here’s where the side-stand of the heavy duty cantilever patio umbrella really shines through with its simple and sturdy design. It frees up a lot of floor space and lets you play around with furniture placement. Your guests are also happy because there is nothing coming in the way of their conversations.

You can choose a large canopy size for your tilting cantilever umbrella so that its shade covers a lot of floor area. This way you can avoid having multiple fixed outdoor umbrellas and have one large cantilever umbrella giving shade to a number of seating areas. Such a setup mingles fashion with practicality in the right proportions and reflects your taste for aesthetics.    

Whole range of shapes and sizes

Large cantilever patio umbrellas come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal – take your pick from the options available for canopy-shape. Square and octagonal canopies are the most sought-after shapes when it comes to outdoor umbrellas. The octagonal structure has more traditional design cues while square canopies make for a bold fashion statement.

Take a close look at the space you want to cover with your cantilever umbrella and consider the overall décor of your place. This will help you home-in on the choice of shape for the canopy. 

Portable and sturdy

Whether it is for your home or business, you need a shade solution that is portable and easy to use. Nothing is more practical and fun to use than the cantilever umbrella. Installing and operating one is a breeze and you can take your cantilever umbrella wherever you want. You can even pack it up and store it away in the winters if you like. 

The canopies are made of fabrics that are waterproof and also block harmful UV rays from reaching your guests. The metallic frames are made of corrosion resistant alloys and they will serve you for seasons on end. The cantilever umbrella is certainly an all-weather friend you can count on. 

From portable bases on wheels to bolt-down bases, mounting options are aplenty. Choose a mounting option that suits your space and décor and let the cantilever umbrella amp up the ambience of your space. 

Ambience amplified

Outdoor umbrellas aren’t just drab, utilitarian objects. A bespoke outdoor umbrella lets you flaunt your chic aesthetics. Want your poolside to give out a French Riviera vibe with a bespoke pool umbrella? Go ahead! Want your garden to give out a Mediterranean vibe? Go ahead! The tilting cantilever umbrella is here to indulge your taste.   

Outdoor umbrella manufacturers offer a wide variety of fabrics and designs to choose from. You can choose your own palette and stamp your personal statement on your bespoke cantilever umbrella. If you are planning to use the tilting cantilever umbrella as a marketing tool for your business, go ahead! 

With modern printing technology at their disposal, outdoor umbrella manufacturers can print just about anything on the canopy. This makes your umbrella the best cantilever umbrella that money can buy. Announce your brand to your potential customers with your bespoke outdoor umbrella.  

A tilting cantilever umbrella really does augment the décor of your place. Poolside decks and traditional garden furniture look more on-point in the shade of a cantilever umbrella. Previously unutilised spaces come to life in the presence of these practical shade solutions.    

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the tilting cantilever umbrella has a separate growing fan-base. More and more people are beginning to prefer this practical shade solution over everything else and there is good reason for that. What else can give you shade that is cool and moveable at the same time? 

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