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Looking to earn extra cash on TikTok? Find out how to become a popular TikToker and make some serious money. And no, you don't have to dance.

How to Become a Popular TikToker

5 Basic Ways to Make Real Money in Tik Tok Right Now

A budget smartphone is everything you need to make money in Tik Tok, including without investments. Want to be a Tik Tok star and earn six-figure royalties?

See 5 ways to make money in Tik Tok, some of which even a student can do. See and choose your base of fans on the website. But first a warning:

Why do you need to make money on Tik Tok right now?

More recently, in mid-2018, the Chinese social network Duoyin and the music network merged to give birth to modern TikTok.

Today, it has over a billion users – more than YouTube or Instagram. It will take only 2-3 years and the cost of an advertising post in Tik Tok will also reach thousands of dollars.

That is why you need to open several accounts in different directions right now and start promoting them (but not wrapping them up) in order to earn six-figure “fees” in a couple of years. And you can earn the first money right now – there are at least 20 ways for this:

1. Earnings on likes and comments.

In any social network there are those who want to quickly promote, or rather, wind up, their accounts, publics, channels. And there are services (exchanges, axle boxes) that are ready to provide such a service. They hire an army of monkeys who are ready to like and write empty comments literally for a penny.

Calling it earnings is probably not worth it, but as a way to usefully kill time on the way to school and back in public transport, and at the same time earn money to pay for travel, it is good.

You need to register as a “monkey” in several boxes at once and perform simple tasks for which they charge 10-50 monets. It is easy to find these services by request in the search engine “earnings on wrapping in tik tok”.

It is better to use several Tik Tok accounts, as these services often ban their partners without payments.

2. Promotion of other people’s accounts for money.

One of the ways to promote your account is to buy visitors from other accounts. You can make money from this.

To do this, you publish a video for money, in which you recommend visiting another account and in the description, you give a link consisting of the dog “@” and the name of the promoted account to gain Tiktok likes and view. Some of your subscribers will go there and, if they like it, subscribe.

This is how Tik Tok accounts grow quickly by buying sponsored posts. You can also promote yours using the money earned by the monkey. Then you will not only “knock off” the investment, but you will also be able to earn much more.

The cost of an advertising post on Tik Tok starts from $1 and depends both on the number of “live” subscribers who watch the video and follow the links, and on the topic of the channel. Entertainment accounts are not highly valued, themed ones are much higher.

For example, a post on an account dedicated to a certain brand of cars can cost five times more than a post on a kitty account.

Conclusion: to make thematic accounts and not to make acc like “vinaigrette” – about everything and it is not clear what about. Once again, the cost of advertising posts in English-language accounts is five times higher – there the demand is much higher and it is no longer uncommon for a fee of $ 15,000 per publication.

3. Maintenance of other people’s accounts on a paid basis.

More and more stars, politicians, businessmen, etc. are aware of the need to have promoted accounts in Tik Tok, but they do not have the time, skills, and desire to do this on their own.

After gaining experience on your accounts, you can become a content manager or administrator of someone else’s account. You can find a customer through freelance exchanges.

You will have to deal with both the promotion of your account and filling it with content as agreed with the customer. And in the future, negotiate with advertisers, track payments, and placement of advertising posts.

In a word, you will have to perform the whole range of work, as with your account. But to receive little money for it. The approximate “salary” of an administrator is from $200.

4. Rendering your services.

Through Tik Tok, you can promote your services, including those not related to this social network. This model has proven itself well on Instagram and has allowed for the creation of stable businesses: stylist, hairdresser, culinary specialist, bake cakes to order, wedding photographer, stove-maker, beekeeper, finisher, tinsmith, florist, etc.

You can receive orders through Tik Tok. You can upload videos with examples of your work and customer reviews in your account, as well as give advice and recommendations in your professional field. Earnings in Tik Tok on their services.

Gradually, a circle of people interested in your services will form around you, and when the need arises, they will, first of all, remember you.

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