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Tianyi Liu: Innovating Cinematic Realms through Technology and Storytelling

In a world saturated with visual media, some visionaries rise above the rest, bringing forth innovations and narratives that leave indelible impressions. Tianyi Liu is one such luminary, whose cinematic journey began in Beijing and has since radiated to both Los Angeles and worldwide.

At the tender age of six, the allure of the viewfinder in a film camera from Hong Kong kindled Liu’s love for visual storytelling. This passion grew exponentially during his undergraduate years at the School of Visual Arts. Distinctly setting his photographic narratives apart, Liu soon transitioned to film, laying the foundation for his subsequent Masters in Cinematography from the renowned American Film Institute.

Liu’s dexterity isn’t merely restricted to Director of Photography; he’s a master colorist too. His collaborations boast of industry bigwigs like Johnson & Johnson, Gucci, Harry Winston, and Modern Sky, to name a few. An embodiment of his pioneering spirit is the acclaimed film, “AVES,” which won the grand prize at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Here, Liu seamlessly fused the virtual world of Unreal Engine 5 with real-world cinematography, creating an innovative workflow that saved both time and money.

His philosophy emphasizes the narrative potency of cinematography. Beyond mere imagery, it’s a universal language that connects directors’ visions with audiences worldwide. This ethos, combined with his unique skillset—incorporating advanced technologies like Unreal Engine and VR into traditional filmmaking—sets him apart. Moreover, his keen sense of color, stemming from his expertise as a colorist, enriches his cinematographic endeavors.

Having been showcased in over 50 film festivals, including those qualifying for the Oscars and BAFTA, Liu’s acclaim isn’t just confined to cinema halls. His works have graced channels like PBS TV and Modern Sky official account, spanning countries from South Korea to Italy.

Currently, Liu is gearing up for a UFO-themed feature in Louisiana, combining cutting-edge drone technology with the precision of Unreal Engine 5. This fusion of technology and cinematic storytelling exemplifies Liu’s relentless pursuit of innovation.


Beyond the screen, Liu’s heart resonates with causes that drive societal change. His documentary in collaboration with J&J emphasizes health equity, shedding light on healthcare disparities and echoing his commitment to using film as a tool for positive impact.

Endorsed by contemporaries like Eli Snyder, who extols Liu’s groundbreaking use of technology in ‘AVES,’ it’s evident that Liu’s star is on a meteoric rise. As a member of the Society of Camera Operators and an aspirant in the ASC Vision Mentorship Program, Liu envisions a future narrating compelling global stories.

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