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Better sleep improves your mood, decreases stress, and gets you ready for the day. Here's why you should get a thick mattress pad with bamboo sheets!

Why Should I Get a Thick Mattress Pad and Bamboo Sheets?

Quality sleep just like food is one of the basic necessitates of life. However, they are some underlying factors that prevent us from enjoying quality sleep.

One of such factors is the bedding item you use. Sometimes, we all ignore quality bed accessories and as a result, we suffer from insomnia and depression.

In this article, we shall consider why thick mattress pads and bamboo sheets are quality bedding items we need.

thick mattress bamboo sheets

What are Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo sheets are beddings that are made from 100% bamboo viscose. They are cool, organic, and silky smooth beddings that improve the quality of sleep. These sheets are mostly produced from bamboo fibers, rayon, and lyocell. They are similar to cotton fabrics because of how smooth they are. 

These sheets have a lot of health benefits as well as economical benefits. For the economical benefit, they are durable and, as such, give you value for your money. They are hypoallergenic and the sheets are made from natural materials. This makes them suitable for both the young and the old.

The bamboo sheets fit into any kind of bedroom. They make your bed look attractive and conducive to sleep on. These are called the “green” sheets because of how organic and anti-microbial they are.

thick mattress bamboo sheets

What are the Benefits of Sleeping on Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo sheets have many benefits. One of which is that it keeps you warm in winter and super cool during summer. This is hardly what you get from other sheets.

Another benefit of bamboo sheets is that it doesn’t shrink. It maintains its quality throughout its lifespan.

It helps to improve the performance of any mattress. This implies that it makes the mattress more comfortable to sleep on.

thick mattress bamboo sheets

How Do You Wash Bamboo Sheets?

The Bamboo Sheets could be harder to wash especially for first-time owners. You need to set your machine on cold water and on the gentlest setting.

Cold water is more preferable because it washes faster than hot water. When you use harsh chemicals to wash, this may cause the breakdown of the rayon fibers.

You can soak it for about 1-2 hours in any oxyclean solution. You don’t need to add bleach to make it whitened.

thick mattress bamboo sheets

What is a Thick Mattress Pad?

A thick mattress pad provides support and extra comfort while we sleep. This is a mattress pad that helps fight against contaminants and other damaging substances on our bed.

The thick mattress pad is mostly about 1-2 inches thick. It makes the bed plusher. This thick mattress pad is either made from natural or synthetic fibers. Sometimes, it could be the combination of the two materials. Although some sleepers think that the thick mattress pad doesn’t provide much relief from pressure. However, it adds to the firmness of your mattress.

The thick mattress pad is placed on the top of the mattress just like some other mattress pads. But it is very thick and durable.

thick mattress bamboo sheets


Bamboo sheets are breathable and are made from quality viscose material. This dust mite-resistant sheet is durable and soft on the skin. The thick mattress pad is good to keep the mattress firm. It lasts long because of its thickness.

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