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Here are a few gift ideas that the film buff in your life will definitely love

These Are the 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Movie Lovers in 2022

If you have a loved one who is a serious film buff and spends much of his or her free time watching movies, you know that you can always please that person by giving them a movie-related gift when the holidays roll around. It’s not always easy, though, to choose a Christmas gift ideas for a movie lover who already seems to have everything. Unless a great new collector’s edition of a film has been released, there’s a good chance that any movie you might pick will be something the recipient already has. 

So, what are the best Christmas gifts for movie lovers that aren’t obvious things like new movies? Here are a few gift ideas that the film buff in your life will definitely love.

Snack Collection

Are there any two things in the world that go better together than movies and great snacks? Certainly not – every movie lover has fond memories of going to the local theater during the weekend and chomping on a big box of candy or popcorn. Assembling a movie snack collection at home, though, is one thing that many home theater buffs skip – maybe because they’d rather spend the money on new movies or because they know that they’re older and shouldn’t really be eating those types of foods anyway. 

Home theater owners love to show their setups off to their friends – and if you have a movie lover in your life, you know there’s a good chance that he or she will hold a Christmas movie party at least once during the holiday season. You’ll be the toast of the party if you bring a nicely assembled assortment of classic theater candies that people remember from their childhood. Don’t forget that in any group of random movie watchers, there will always be one or two smokers. Visit a local vape shop like Vapor Chasers in Virginia Beach and grab some disposable vapes for your collection of refreshments. The smokers in the group will appreciate not needing to step outside to indulge their cravings.

New Projector

Does the movie lover in your life watch all of his or her movies in a big-screen TV? Today’s TV screens are certainly great, but nothing compares to watching a movie projected on a huge screen. Movie projectors aren’t cheap – but in terms of the money spent per inch of display space, they’re less expensive than TVs. Watching a movie on a projector also feels more natural than using a TV because the light source isn’t in front of you. Instead, you’re looking at light reflected off of a surface – which is exactly how you view objects in your daily life. 

If you’d like to buy a new projector for the movie lover in your life, one of the most important things to remember is that a projector is like a tiny digital display. Just like a TV or computer monitor, there’s a maximum level of detail that it can support. You wouldn’t want to buy a 1080p projector for someone who currently watches movies on a 4K TV – and 4K really is the minimum standard for display resolutions today.

Sound Bar

A movie projector is a great home theater upgrade, but it’s not the right choice for everyone. Some people simply don’t have the space to install a projector and a screen, and they’re completely happy watching movies on their TV anyway. In any case, it’s possible that your gift budget doesn’t actually have room for a new projector. Here’s an alternative that’s much more affordable and will be a significant upgrade for anyone who doesn’t own a surround sound system: You can give the movie lover in your life a sound bar.

Modern big-screen TVs are incredibly thin. That means they don’t tend to offer a lot in the audio department because deep, rich sounds can’t develop without space. A sound bar is a horizontal array of speakers that mounts under a TV and allows the TV to produce remarkably richer sound without consuming a lot of room on the TV stand or entertainment console. In addition to drastically improving the TV’s built-in sound capabilities, the speakers in a sound bar are often aimed in slightly different directions to simulate positional audio. Some sound bars also include subwoofers for the reproduction of even deeper bass frequencies.

Bias Lighting

Have you ever looked at pictures of home theater setups and noticed that many of them have halos of soft white light around their screens? That’s not just for show. The light around a home theater screen is called bias lighting, and it’s achieved by installing rear-facing LEDs around the back of the screen. 

Bias lighting is surprisingly inexpensive, and it actually achieves two important purposes in a home theater setup. The first benefit of bias lighting is that it reduces the eyestrain that can result from looking at a bright screen set against a dark background for a long period of time. The second benefit of bias lighting is that it enhances the perceived contrast of the display by making dark colors look darker. The overall effect of bias lighting is almost like buying an entirely new TV, but it costs significantly less.

Home Theater Decorations

Does it seem like the movie lover in your life already has everything – the ideal home theater setup and the best collection of movies you’ve ever seen? In that case, the perfect Christmas gift might be something that the recipient couldn’t possibly have already because nothing else quite like it exists. 

If you’re at your wit’s end trying to choose the perfect Christmas gift for the film buff in your life, buy that person a unique collector’s item that he or she can display in their home theater. Vintage movie posters, original film cells and autographed stills are three unique gifts for film lovers that are suitable for framing and displaying in a home theater environment. If you do a bit of searching, maybe you can even find a rare collectible – such as a prop – from the recipient’s favorite movie. You can find just about anything online if you look hard enough, and the recipient will certainly appreciate the level of thought that you put into his or her gift.

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