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The Unstoppable BossTec: Exploring Her Success in Reality TV, Podcasting, and Music

BossTec, a reality TV star and entrepreneur has expanded her horizons with her podcast “Im Tired Of Stripping” in partnership with OrgenTV. The podcast showcases the unfiltered lifestyle of successful women in various industries, providing inspiration and insights to listeners.

BossTec’s Rise to Fame

BossTec gained widespread recognition after being handpicked by Zeus Network and Joseline Hernandez for Season Two of Jocelyn’s Cabaret. Her unique body paint art helped her win the grand prize of $10,000 and opened doors for numerous bookings. BossTec has been featured on MTV’s Ridiculousness, Joseline’s Cabaret, City Girls twerk challenge, and video, and has appeared as a celebrity video vixen on Worldstar.

“Im Tired Of Stripping” Podcast: A Platform for Empowerment and Inspiration

The podcast, produced in collaboration with OrgenTV, delivers an authentic and unfiltered view of the lives of accomplished women in the entertainment industry. As the host, BossTec invites a diverse array of guests to share their personal stories, challenges, and triumphs. This intimate glimpse into these successful women’s lives helps humanize them and showcase their resilience and determination.

Covering a broad spectrum of subjects, “Im Tired Of Stripping” delves into the latest developments in entertainment. BossTec and her guests engage in thought-provoking conversations, sharing their expertise and insights on the ever-evolving world of business and innovation. Listeners can gain valuable knowledge on navigating the complex landscape of their dynamic lifestyle.

The Podcast: Beyond the Surface

The podcast goes beyond surface-level discussions by addressing women’s unique challenges in the entertainment industry and beyond. Through candid conversations, BossTec and her guests tackle issues such as balancing work and personal life, overcoming stereotypes, and building a supportive network. By sharing their experiences, they aim to encourage other women to embrace their paths and take charge of their lives and careers.

A core goal of “Im Tired Of Stripping” is to inspire and empower women from all walks of life. BossTec’s charismatic personality and genuine passion for uplifting others serve as a driving force for the show’s success. By providing a platform for women to share their stories and discuss their desires, the podcast fosters a sense of community and support among its listeners.

The Podcast Summary

“Im Tired Of Stripping” is a powerful podcast that offers a unique perspective on the lives of successful women in the entertainment industry. By covering a wide range of topics, including personal experiences and the latest trends in tech and entrepreneurship, the show aims to inspire and empower women to take control of their lives and careers.

BossTec’s Music Career

In addition to her work in reality TV and podcasting, BossTec has also ventured into the music industry. Her first single, “Big Bag,” featuring Bri Bribiase, aired on Streets 945 in Atlanta and is available on various streaming platforms. With her dedication to creating fresh music, BossTec continuously works in the studio to deliver new content for her fans.

Body Paint Artistry

Several people have praised BossTec’s talent as a body paint exhibitor. Her viral BMF body paint caught the attention of 50 Cent and has helped her secure bookings worldwide. As a result, she is considering relocating her career to Los Angeles to explore her passion for Hollywood and take advantage of new opportunities.

Collaboration with TeamFTC and Warith Niallah


BossTec is a driving force within TeamFTC, a prominent group of creatives and entrepreneurs, to enhance her global reach and connect with her fans. Working closely with Warith Niallah, the CEO of FTC Publications, BossTec is developing a comprehensive strategy to expand her influence and engage with her growing audience. This partnership has the potential to open new doors for BossTec and create exciting opportunities for collaborations across various platforms, further solidifying her status as a multi-talented powerhouse in the entertainment industry.


BossTec’s versatile talents and relentless drive have allowed her to find success in various fields, from reality TV to podcasting and music. Through her podcast “Im Tired Of Stripping,” BossTec continues to share her experiences and inspire others to pursue their dreams and make their mark in the world.

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