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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Shapewear for Your Body Type

Shapewear often gets the bad reputation for being restrictive and uncomfortable. The reason could be due to choosing the wrong size or the wrong shapewear for the body type. There is no one size fits all in shapewear. Understanding what your body shape is the important step to finding out the type of shapewear that works for your body. By knowing your body type will give you an ideal on which area to focus on and accentuate certain parts of your body to give you the figure you want.

Shapewear is available in different compression levels and it is important to decide what level of compression you are looking for when shopping for shapewear. Light compression shapewear will smoothen the tummy and hips gently and is perfect for every day wear. Firm compression shapewear will be able to accentuate the curves and contour the body shape like booty shapewear.  The extra firm compression body shapers are best for those who need more support for wearing clothes on special occasions like a wedding dress or evening gowns.

The Best Shapewear For Different Body Type 

What is your body type? Do you have an apple, pear, rectangle or hourglass shape?  Whether you are planning to refresh your lingerie wardrobe or are new to shapewear, do read on to find the must-have shapewear for every body type.

Apple Body Shape

An apple shape body will have big bust and extra weight on the midsection with narrow shoulders and hips.  The ideal shapewear is a pair of tummy control High Waisted Shorts that provide a firm control on the midsection while giving definition to the waistline. This pair of shaper shorts is made from seamless one-piece molding technology on the abdomen and hips areas. It can also lightly cover and lift up the buttock, making it look sexy, full, and round.

Strawberry Body Shape

You will have wide shoulders, large breasts with narrow hips and a small rear if you are a strawberry shape.  As such, you would want to balance the top with a slimming shapewear such as an open bust full body shaper. This shapewear lets you to wear your own bra for a better fit and at the same time, it will sculpt your back and upper torso. This firm compression bodysuit also features a butt lifter design.

Pear Shape Body

You have a pear shape body if you have a small bust, slim shoulders, well-defined waist, full hips and a round bottom. A sculpting high-waist shaping shorts like the one below will be able to flatten the stomach, contour the waist, sculpt the hips and slim the thighs.

Rectangle Body Shape

A woman with a rectangle body shape will have small bust, straight torso, slim hip, and long legs. In order to create a more feminine figure, a bodysuit will able to provide added support and coverage to the tummy, smoothen out and define the waistline. This is a smart way to add more definition and create a curvier look.

Hourglass Body Shape

An hourglass figure is the most coveted figure and usually the hips and shoulder are the same width while the waist is contoured. The goal with shapewear is to smooth and define the natural curves. A pair of high-waisted shaping panty works well to smooth the tummy and offer the right amount of flattening.

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