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The story of Fox fans in America

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“I’m proud that Americans chose to be a Leicester fan because of me,” Keller, who is currently working as a host in Seattle, told The Athletic. “I wish the Premier League was shown more at that time than it is now. Maybe the number of Leicester fans could be 10 times more.”

After the victory of the 2015-2016 season, the quantity of Leicester fans soar everywhere, transforming them into another worldwide power in football. Notwithstanding, where football is as yet new like America, the Foxes have been known for quite a while, having well established fan affiliations, which is very unusual for a semi-secret group like Leicester City.

Would you choose another team for yourself if given the opportunity?

If you, similar to the essayist of this article, love a football crew that has played less noticeably for over hundred years and a half, frequently frustrating you, giving you trust and afterward being disheartened, could you Could you have picked diversely when you originally became hopelessly enamored with football?

Obviously, actually football fans don’t have numerous options. Whether this is on the grounds that your family made you an enthusiast of a specific group by taking you to your most memorable game, enticing you with the fragrance of onion rings in the cheeseburger truck, with the fascination of the football field, with the aroma and the dim green of the grass as well as the hints of the group mix together. Either way, the identity of the team you love is woven into your DNA, which you then pass on to future generations. When it comes to “your favorite football team”, the choice is like a fantasy.

But if you could spare yourself a decade of pain, trophyless years and suffering by making the right decision from the start, would you do it? Will you choose a successful team from the beginning? Would you like to follow a team that always wins?

For the overwhelming majority soccer fans in the US, particularly the people who follow the Head Association, they have confronted this question while picking their number one group. With regards to sports in America, things are very like football fans in Britain. Pride at the community level as well as family connections sometimes determine team selection. But for many people who go to bars and restaurants early in the morning to watch Premier League football matches, football is like delicious candy.

It isn’t is to be expected that the standing of Man Joined together, Liverpool, Chelsea and other well known clubs in the Head Association makes them a famous name. Be that as it may, a few fans in the US actually need to get back to a portion of the creativity of football.

Since 2016, Leicester City has progressed rapidly.They have had a great deal of fans all over the planet for a long time, yet since bringing home the championship in the 2015-2016 season, the quantity of fans has expanded significantly more than previously. Before the Foxes’ Worldwide Heroes Cup match against PSG in Los Angeles in 2016, Leicester City’s gift shop quickly ran out of products. There is always a long line of fans lining up outside the sports store outside Santa Monica, where the players conduct fan meetings. However, they are not recent followers of Leicester City.

For the twin brothers Jordan and Jason Becker, founders of the New York Foxes NHM Club, as well as their younger siblings Adam and Ryan, their love for Leicester began in the 1998-1999 season, their first season. American goalkeeper Kasey Keller is keeping goal for the home team Filbert Street.

“Back then there was a TV show called English Premier League, a bit like Match of the Day,” Jason tells The Athletic. “That program replayed Leicester City’s season-opening draw against Man United. That match ended 2-2. Beckham was the one who equalized the match with a free kick. That was enough to win. made Jordan bring us guys to love football. Ryn is probably the only 10-year-old American boy wearing a Jordan Stewart shirt!”

It’s really not easy being a young Leicester fan in New York, especially when the only place to watch matches is the bar. Although some people still ignore the 21-year-old rule to let their cousins watch the matches. But going forward, they can follow their clubs more easily in the 21st century, even though things aren’t that great.

“There were a lot of challenges besides the executive work and being relegated to League One,” said Jason. “Jordan’s first trip to Leicester in 2008 was worse as Leicester were beaten by Preston, dropping them to third place.”

But it was too late. They were captivated by Leicester. No more options. Truly, they have taken their fandom to the next level.

“We had a dream weekend in New York with the club in December 2018. Steve Walsh, Matt Elliot and mascot Fliberth Fox arrived on the weekend to attend the NBC Premier League Mornings event where we were featured. Club Instagram story page. The club also organized a 5-a-side tournament for us, then rented the Football Factory and let us meet Walsh and Elliot in the evening.”

“We also met Christian Fuchs, who is very friendly with us. Very few fan clubs here get to meet local people or make friends with the players.”

Fuchs and his wife, Raluca Gold-Fuchs, are leading a million-dollar project in Warwick, upstate New York. A project to transform Mid Orange Reformatory, a former prison, into a leading sports center.

The Beckers are not the only family with love for Leicester in America. There are many fan groups or individuals expressing their love for Leicester on social networks. Each person has different reasons for choosing Leicester, in which the name Kasey Keller becomes the top reason.

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